I Agree With Sutter. TOO MANY PENALTIES!

I agree with Glen Suter and Chris Cuthbert. The refs in the CFL are calling too many penalties. Its dragging the game down to a snails pace.

Not only do they throw the flag, they have to hold a five minute meeting to discuss what the penalty was.

After watching the putrid NHl season where all we saw were penalties, I was hoping the CFL would at least provide better entertainment.

Sadly I am mistaken. Either Gary Bettman is running the CFL too, or somebody has to tell these refs to keep the @#%^$ out of the game!

I Think it is time that we as fans let the league know how frustrated we are with the quality of officiating. I am watching the Toronto/Montreal game. Duval was both punched and face masked during a missed field goal return with no call! Only after a fight started did the officals get their heads out of their butts long enough to make a call. This lack of a call is a unfortunately very typical this year. The officials are effecting the outcome of the games, this has to stop now! Let's use this thread as a petition to the CFL, the fans are fed up. Enough is enough. Improve the officiating NOW!!

What are we up to right now, 31 penalties... around 300 yards. :?

These guys make Kerry Fraser look like a good referee!

...it is unreasonable to assume the refs will catch everything...

CFL Refs Are Corrupt Like The NBA Refs

The officiating in the BC-Sask game was a joke. You can always count on certain referees favoring teams with cheap calls. Even video replay is being abused. The sad thing is they can affect the outcome of games.

Terrible roughing the passer call in the TO-Montreal game. Someone's on the take. [/img]

I don't know what game in BC you were watching. There was only one call I thought was "Iffy". Other than that I thought they did a good job....Oh did I mention my team lost? :roll: :roll:

I thought the iffy call was the pass interference call late in the game last night. The DB made a good play on Simon but the officials saw fit to call it pass interference.

I stand corrected, two iffy ones. Yes Sambo, that one was iffy. The other one was in the first half when BC got called. I thought it was normal bumping and when the flag came out, I thought maybe it was against the offense. Anyways, that was the standard last night, and was not a real biggie for me.

I thought the officiating in the late game was far superior to that of the early one. I lost count of how many flags were thrown (Tor/Mtl game), and I actually chuckled when a play was made and Cuthbert said, "And no flag!" I'm generally not one to carp on refs, but gesus guys.....what is it with reffing this year? It can't be just me.....

32 flags in the ML Tor game...
I do believe that it doesn't count the ones that were declined

Correct...declined penalties don't count in the stats.

I counted there were what 27 penalties in the Argos-Als game and not to mention the ones that were declined or wiped out.
It's the old story and people in the know and who have played the game like some of us have, there is virtually a penalty on every play if you want to look for one.
Common sense dictates and certainly the refs do have a very difficult job, but the decision must be which flagarent penalty affects the overall play or risk of potential injury?

potential injury is one thing; advantage disadvantage is wha people get disgusted with. If an illegal play creates an advantage-- CALL IT.... If there is no advantage gained by a minor infraction 40 yards from the play dont call that; what irks fans are flags on plays where there shouldn't be and no flags on plays where there should be.

Essentially correct.
But I believe the word you are looking for is "consistency".