I agree with Shultz

Yup he's right, I've said it before and I will say it again. Make it Illegal to punt the ball out of bounds.

So many exciting punt-returners in the league and it kills the excitement

Illegal? Yes.
15 yards? Maybe a little too much.

There should be a rule where the yardage is reduced in case it was not intentional.

Actually he suggested 25.
I agree they have to iron out the finer points if the kick was shanked

I'll have to sit on the fence on this topic. I do love the idea of seeing these great returnmen in action, but accurate punting is a skill as well and a great weapon to have. I want to read some good arguements on this thread before I make up my mind.

I have always wonderd why when a kickoff goes out of bounds its a penalty but when its a punt its o.k

Skill? ya its a skill if you are punting it out of bound inside the 10. Prob is they are kicking it out at the 35-40

So should the penalty not apply if it's in the 20/15/10?

Like I said they would have to work out the finer points.
I would agree to no penality inside the 15 but can you imagine the aguments when the ref spots it close to the 15 if it went out in the air

I feel bad for every ref who gets put on the spot with that.
But then again. If you bring in instant replay it should help somewhat.

I dont like it, football is about field position, if you dont enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played then find another sport. Besides there is a greater chance of the kicker shanking one trying to angle it towards the side line. I for one enjoy watching a perfect punt go out of bounds inside the 10 yard line, that in itself is a great skill on the part of kicker which shouldnt be trivialized.

Why is there a greater risk is shanking it if he is kicking it out of bounds. Instead of kicking it to 12 o'clock he kicks it to 1 or 2 o'clock. Even if he misses by 10-15 yards he is still ahead. Like I said before they are puntng it out at hte 30-35 nowa days

MMMM watching a ball go out of bounds inside the 10 or watching a returner bring it back 80 yards, which is more exciting.

Tell ya what instead of punting it lets just scrimage the ball 40 yards away, that will be real exciting

This is tough one. When a kicker trys to kick the ball out of bounds, he is sacrificing that there is more chance he will miss hit it and the ball will only go a short distance.

I have to say keep keep the rule as is now. But I do have a question - would penalizing the kicker for punting it out of bounds be a rule change as significant, albeit different of course, to removing the red line in hockey, to make the game flow more and allow more scoring chances? Thoughts here?

I'm all against. I like when punters are capable of punting it out at maximum distance. When you punt it out of bound, you take the risk of missing your angle and giving very good field position to the opponent.

Punts like Duval made last night or like Prefontaine makes all the time are a beauty. They really change the game by giving the opponents crappy field position. How would you like to start two consecutive drives on your own 2? That's what happened last night. But with a penalty, the Riders would have start at... what, the 17? Not the same situation there.

Leave the punts the way they are.

i think that a punt out of bounds should be a 10-yard penalty or something like that... not ban it outright, but just make it similar to a no-yards call.


Actually I would not have given a penality on duvals punts because the reciever let the ball bounce both time and it came back to bite him in the a$$

I find a 75 yard punt return more exciting than starting deep in your own end, there are a few players who will give up ground trying to get around the defenders only to end up with a loss. Far more exciting.

You could make them re-punt and 5 yards deeper than before. Then this becomes a delay of game type issue and fans screaming against too many penalties and stoppages that they don't see as necessary.

For the sake of the speed of the game and the issue of a great punter putting it out of bounds at the 5 yard line, it is not too bad as it is. It is dangerous to try to punt out of bounds as the guy risks a very short kick and great field position to follow.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (am I dating myself? You younsters know what that means?) :lol:

The punt return is a very exciting part of the game, punting out of bounds takes that away regardless as to whether or not it requires skill on the part of the punter

I just really think the CFL should leave the game the way it is. We don't want to end up like the NHL with too many cr@ppy rule changes

but they DO need to stop this 'punting outta bounds' garbage.
when your there live, theres nothing more exciting than a good return.....everyone gets outta thier seats the more yards he runs!!!!