I <3 iTunes!

The East Semi-Final and Grey Cup are downloading as I type! WOOT!!! Yay modern technology. :rockin:
I guess VHS and DVD recorders truely are obsolete.

Hey that's great. As I posted earlier, the TSN Games on Demand versions of the East AND West finals have HUGE unwatchable chunks. I would REALLY like to watch that Als/BC game.
A couple questions....where'd you get the iTunes versions.Can you save them to your harddrive....what extension, format (.mov,.flv,.avi etc) Lastly how much?
Thanks in advance

iTunes carries all the games for the past season for $2.50 a pop, less if you buy your team's season. If you download iTunes, click on iTunes Store, click on tv shows, scroll down to Networks and Studios on the left and click on TSN, there you'll find 'em. I downloaded the Grey Cup. It doesn't look too bad on a 26 inch monitor. The files are in mpeg4 format. :cowboy:

Thx man
I'll do that

I forgot to mention that you have to set up an account…of course. :cowboy:

I don't know what game you are talking about. lalalalala I do not hear you no I do not!

I just bought the East Final (my first ever live CFL game) and the Grey Cup.

:thup: iTunes :thup:

Please TSN, I BEG YOU, please post games for purchase on US iTunes. :cry: