Hypothetical Scheduling

If you were the CFL schedule maker, and Mark Cohan said he wanted to start a new tradition with Thanksgiving weekend, and the following being like Labour Day and the rematch, but with the second best rivalries what would you do?

For me the two no brainers

Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Hamilton @ Winnipeg

I gave Winnipeg a home game for the first of two since they are away for Labour day, and I gave Calgary the home because they both are home for Labour day, but I think it is cool to see the atmosphere with 50/50 fans

I guess for the others

BC @ Edmonton
Ottawa @ Toronto

I wanted to go EDM-MTL but then BC would get nobody for both :lol:

I'd say BC and Calgary would be very strong as well. We've met in the playoffs the past 2 years, and have generally been the two best teams in the west, and this year probably the league.

Yeah, but I just don't think that rivalry is as good as the Stamps-Riders, I wouldn't even know who to say BC's top rival is with 100% certainty though

If we ever got Atlantic it could be


and BC could play either Ottawa or Toronto with the other playing Atlantic

Poor BC, just don't seem to have the stand out rivalries other teams do

If I want to start a new tradition, I would announce the tradition saying that whoever wins the West Final and the East Final to host the Thanksgiving game and a rematch between these foes on the same day. For example: this year thanksgiving could be Edmonton at BC and Hamilton at Winnipeg. Next Thanksgiving, BC at Calgary, Montreal at Toronto. That way we would see different cities host that day by winnings divisional finals and the revenge is sweeter with the rematch.

Or have the Grey Cup champion hosting with the Grey Cup rematch and the divisional losers with the West hosting in the odd-year and the East hosting the even years in a game called "what if" game.

Just a though to attract more fans to the pigskins game on the Thanksigiving Day.

Make it just Thanksgiving weekend. One home and home a season is enough in an 18 game schedule.

Edmonton v Saskatchewan
Toronto v Montreal

The only ones left I think would draw interest. Have them alternate the home date every season. Or they could do like the NFL, pick one east and one west team to always play at home on Thanksgiving Day.

Once the 10th franchise is in the Atlantic Region than BC and Halifax/Atlanic would be a natural cross coast rival. Somehting new and different from the Regional rivalries. Maybe rotating who is home during the Labor day weekend with a friday night game set to be their Day on the weekend Having Montrel and Ottawa ans part of a Sunday Double header on the Labor Day weekend with the SASK vs. WIN games. Ottawa being home for Labor Day with all the Montreal fans already in Ottawa-Gatineua area. With ticket being bought in advance it would give Ottawa a heads up on the addition of seats along with the convienent train trip going in both directions.

If a Quebec City team were to enter the fold then a huge Quebec City road trip could be on hand as the Als would possibily having a regular season home game at the Big O maybe on a prime time sunday night start with Quebec city fans buying a traditional deal with a travel agency including hotel, ticket, and pregame party on a sunday afternoon in Motreal.
A lot of possibilitles for some new traditions to be started with the addition of ant Atlantic and/or QC

BC-ATL would be the labour day game, because Ott-Mon will take place when Ott is back

Goriders: which day would the Ottawa Montreal game be played on with the TOR vs. HAM and CAL vs. EDM bing the monday game would MON @ Ottawa be paired up with the WIN vs. SASK game on sunday. leaving SAT for the CIS opening and BC VS Atlantic for the FRI night games ?
If the 10th team is to be QC then the Labor Day weekend match up would be the furthest west team BC vs. the furthest east team QC. Leaving the Montreal vs QC rivalry for thanksgiving rivalry to be played on the Monday or SUNday that weekend in Montreal with the possibilty of making it a Huge game with QC with thousands of QC fans making the trip to Montreal and moving that one reglar eason game into the Big O with the building of the game over the long weekend looking to attract 40-45 thou and maybe more like you would see for a HS type rivalry game. Having the game inside for fan comfort and the amount of fans coming in from QC and all over the province to see the provincial rivalry on a sunday with Thanksgiving monday a day off