hypothetical question

I was debating with friends before the start of the season and after the game I really have to wonder. If we still had Chick, Williams, and Baggs, Do we have a shot at a perfect season.

I think it would have been very hard to do as so many of the team's are strong this year. Are offence may not be number one in the league (time will tell) we are certainly not far off and if those three had stayed are defence shouldn't have been far from the best either.

It was a fun debate I thought I would bring to the board. Are consensus as a group was it would have possibly been the riders best chance to do it, however it's just to hard too do in a 8 team league that has a so many teams equal in tallent.

Thoughts ?

I would say no. The season is just too long, and right now the West is still pretty strong. If perhaps there were some years like last year in the East where a number of teams were weaker, then maybe a shot at a 16-2 or 15-3 season would be possible, but I don't think we'll ever see a perfect season in the CFL.

Highly impropable seeing that the Riders have to play two teams three times and one team four times. Tough to sweep them all. With an eighteen game scheduale, not every game is as important. Inevitably a team usually “takes a game off”…Hamilton late last year was a perfect example.

A perfect season is a crap shoot regardless of who we have. Every variable has to work to our advantage to attain the "perfect" status. All I care about is we win our last game...everything else is immaterial.

No chance.

The question is fairly flawed. If we still had Chick, Baggs, and Rey -- we wouldn't have brought in Prechae or Dorsey.

You can ask the Stampeders if making no changes leads to repeated success -- they tried that last year.

It's the secondary I'm worried about this year. Alexander and McKenzie would have to play a whole lot better than they did on Thurs.

-- Or we could lure ED out of retirement.

I thought the perfect season was winning the Grey Cup? :wink: :wink: Afterall, the regular season games are just "warmups". :wink: :wink:

:thup: :thup: :thup:

IMO, having an perfect regular season is more of a deteriment.. teams would bring their "A" games to knock you off.. if you don't think so, just ask the Patriots...

Forget about the perfect season, I don't think it'll happen. making the playoffs and getting home field advantage is the goal right now, then comes the shot at the big prize. :wink:

Good point. Folks often like to make hypothetical additions to the team without any thought of the ramifications elsewhere. While I’m not sure I’d want Williams ahead of Barrin, if Chick and Baggs were still here, my guess is in addition to Dorsey and P-Rod not being Riders, nor is Goodspeed, and it’s an open question as to whether Dressler and Fantuz are extended.

Not likely any team will do it the stamps almost did but pulled a patriots and lost in the grey cup

Good point!!