Hypothetical overtime question

Here's a question regarding the overtime in the Rider game. If the game had been between two western teams and the Riders scored the winning touchdown, would they be allowed to go for the convert even though the game was decided? Would they bother? I only ask because one of the tie breakers at the end of season is number of points scored, so those two points could be very important. Last year going into the final game between the Riders and Calgary, only 1 point separated the two teams, so a two point convert could decide where a team places at the end of the year.

good question!

I would think that if the team needed a point to get the advantage in their overall series.. that they would go for the 2 pts.

makes a lot of sense to me really.

I can't see it happening.. the only way they go for a 2pt conversion is if the other team gets a chance to win or tie, depending on wether the 2pt conversion is successful or not... they already won the game, there is no need to convert the TD.

Your question brings up a good point
(no pun intended) ...

but, most likely,
the winning team in your scenario
would not get that option.

Just like an overtime TD in the NFL,
this particular play is considered "Sudden Death"
so no conversion attempt would be played.

not going for convert also screws up proline lol sucks when u got all the games right and lose your ticket by 1 point lol

Yes, I can see now that overtime is sort of a special scenario. Basically, if you get to overtime, just be happy you're given the chance to win and any extra points you get are bonus. Although, I could see the same scenario occurring on the last play of the 4th quarter too. But I guess then it's basically like overtime.

the last play of the 4th quarter is still in "regulation" time
so that would not be considered a "sudden death" situation.

Therefore, the team that scores a last play 4th Quarter TD
would attempt a convert.


Does the OT not end at the conclusion of each team having a possession? If so the game would not end until after the winning team takes a knee or goes for 2?

The CFL Rule book is silent so I would assume that the standard rules regarding a TD are in place - that the team scoring has the right to attempt the convert ( in this case it would have to be a 2pt as there are no single point converts in OT now ).

The convert is part of the scoring and the rules for OT provide that at the END of the scoring oppurtunity for both teams - if one team is ahead they are the winner.

from the rule book

"A winner is determined only if both teams have had equal opportunities to