Hypothetical? Maybe! - Mysterious? For Sure

High cost Maas was mysteriously dreadful last year. But why?

Not until later in season was mysterious injury to Maas somewhat disclosed. Why?

Not wanting to throw Eakin or Williams to the wolves or having to explain Maas' injury around the league, coaches were told to play high priced mysteriously injured Maas.

Did Maas know the real extent of his injury? You bet!

Did the Cats know the real extent of Maas' injury?
You bet!

Did Eakin play out the last 2 games only because Maas was done like dinner by then? Maybe.

Is Maas actually capable of performing in good health in 2007? ummm Maas' hairdresser probably knows.

Maybe maybe maybe. Maybe not?

Maybe Maas' has career ending injury?

May be this mysterious injury is being kept hush so the Cats don't appear to be desperate in their search for another starting QB. Imagine the cost if they look desperate in another teams eyes!

Cats must have appeared pretty desperate to the riders. The Cats HAD to cough up 2 fine players to get a QB who could start for them in 2007.

This latest trade is mighty mysterious! To we fans, that is.

Maybe Maas gone will be the next shock to Cat fans.

Hypothetical, yes, but a lot of unexplained mysterious moves have been made by the Cats in the last 6 months.

Will Butler fully bloom with the Cats. I'm betting mgmnt is gambling on it.

Just a thought


Did all this take place behind a grassy knoll??

Haha I agree it is mysterious and that does make sense.

actually, I believe it took place behind the barn


I know last year, Maas was in Hamilton for parts in the winter throwing balls at the sports dome on Frid Street and he was all excited. Anyone know if he has been doing this so far? I don't know.

Haven't heard, but with the way the receivers have been leaving town this off season, who would he throw to?

What about throwing to our defensive backs so they can pick off a whole bunch of interceptions this year :>)) Just kidding but I haven't heard anything about him being around this year.

Hypothetical fer sure!! I'd lay money on the fact that Jason was injured last year but he played despite the injuries. I believe that he was too proud to tell the management to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. He tried to play despite the injury possibly causing even more problems for himself. My take is that he's a Professional and expects that he has to play hurt. Guess that time will tell just how serious he was hurt.

Not to worry. Some guy named Magruder got it all on film for the coaches to dissect.

An Argo fan

I think that you may mean Zapruder :wink:

Doh!!! Typical Argo fan!!

Refer to this thread for more information about what is going on behind the grassy knoll.