Hypocrisy, Denial Or Just A Big Lie??

Fellow Lions Fans...I would really like an explanation to this (Preferably by someone from the Lions Brass...but I'm not picky at this point)...

After watching YET another OVERALL domination by one of the "OTHER" so-called, self-proclaimed "top-level" teams in the West yesterday (Saskatchewan Roughriders over the 1-7 Bombers), when is our own so-called, self-proclaimed "top-level" team called the BC Lions going to dominate ANY team?? Again...ANY team??...even the Coquitlam Bantam squad or perhaps the Cloverdale Midgets ?? No, I'm being somewhat serious there...despite the hyperbole.

Why, oh why, can the Saskatchewans and the Calgarys of the league absolutely "put the hammer" to "lesser skilled" teams in this league yet the Lions struggle to beat a team like the Hamilton Tiger-cats by 3 points?? Pretty much any 3rd string quarterback in this league seems to put up a monster effort against the Lions defence and make them look silly...really silly YET it does NOT and will NOT happen to the "other top-level teams" (Sask. and Calgary). How does this happen? Why can a team like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers or the Edmonton Eskimos take the Lions to almost the final whistle and create tense moments, yet this has not happened even ONCE to Saskatchewan or Calgary this season? Perhaps it relates back to my last post where I mentioned this team was in DENIAL (no, I'm not talking about the river in Egypt either...although maybe it's the CFL-savvy :wink: Egyptian media the Lions are addressing when they have their media scrums). That is, the Lions are truly convinced that everything is fine and that it's absolutely fine and "MAKES SENSE" that 1-7 teams CONTINUALLY take the Lions to the final whistle. Sadly, it's not just the Lions themselves that are living in this false sense of reality...

If you were listening to Guilio and the Moj on TEAM 1040 following Friday's big, big 3 point win against the {gasp!} juggernaut Hamilton Tiger-cats, and you HADN'T actually seen or listened to the game, you would presume that the Lions had absolutely laid the boots to Hamilton. There was NO mention of the struggles they had to put the team away or that Hamilton, with extreme relative EASE, moved the ball down the field to score a touchdown, in less than a minute, and put themselves to within 3 points. Inexpicably, they decided to onside kick the ball to perhaps the CFL's all-time leader in onside kick recoveries, Paris Jackson {Phew!} I kid you not, Guilio and Moj went ON and ON and ON about how wonderful a game Lulay had, how the defense dominated, how the special teams are much improved, that the team is getting stronger every game, that the team is "going places", yadda, yadda, yadda. And I agree, there was some positives in the Lions game Friday after the Montreal fiasco and brain-fart. But, honestly, call a spade a spade. The Lions have yet to show they are a top-flite team in this league. Sorry, but their 6-3 record counts very little in this assessment. It counts very little because even their wins could have gone EITHER way in the end. Again, how does this happen if you consistently think this team is to be reckoned with and, to quote the Lions, "We've yet to find our stride and our 'next gear'". It was the 9th game of the season (exactly half-way) and Travis Luly FINALLY threw for more than 300 yards (I believe the last starting quarterback or one of the last to do so this season...hmmmm).

So again, can someone explain this?? Am I missing something?? Or the Lions simply conning the league, playing possum and will one game very soon decide that it's FINALLY TIME to put up 50 points, 500 yards and sweep the CFL Players Of The Week selections?? Or am I one of the few in the mix that seems able to see the forest through the trees??

Oops...gotta go...they're showing highlights of another of the CFL West "best" teams hammering a team that the Lions beat by 5 points.

Montreal took SSK right to the whistle and only lost because we stopped playing defense in the final minute. There's still a lot of football to be played this season. I wouldn't worry about the Lions.

And right on cue, Calgary almost blows a huge lead against Edmonton. Final score 37-34. :cowboy:

Fans are the biggest critics of their home teams in a love-hate relationship. Some fans may be spoiled by team success in recent years. Eventually, every team rises and falls in time. No team can stay at the top forever. But at 6-3, BC is still among the top teams.

"Why can a team like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers or the Edmonton Eskimos take the Lions to almost the final whistle and create tense moments, yet this has not happened even ONCE to Saskatchewan or Calgary this season?" So again, can someone explain this?? Am I missing something?? ...by The Voice Of Reason

I'd say you missed the last 11 minutes of the Calgary/Edmonton game yesterday. With just over 11 minutes remaining in the game the Stamps supposedly put the proverbial final nail in the Eskies' coffin making the score 37-7. That's 37-7! What team can recover from that sort of deficit? Well, low and behold, the Esks had a chance to actually tie the game with less than 40 seconds remaining. Final score? 37-34 for the Stamps.

I don't think there is anything hypocritical about that. I don't think anyone is in denial that the Lions are struggling this year. And I certainly haven't heard any lies being spread about.

Beaglehound to be fair I think Calgarys late meltdown ad to do with REILLY catching fire and scoring 4 tds in 9 mins-

Has Lulay ever done that? I think Edmontons comeback shows the ability of REILLY and how he is a gunslinger than can throw the ball all over the field.

If you get this crazy after a win, you must be tons of fun to be around after the Lions lose. Dude, its a game, nothing to lose your shirt over.

BC struggles on offence, especially passing against all-out blitzes. Why/ Three second-stringers at interior lineman positions. They also have trouble breaking holes for Harris inside, which basically means moving the defensive tackle laterally, and making first downs on second and short situations. The defense doesn't play much man-to-man defence in the secondary, preferring instead to play zone and make the opponent manufacture a ten-play drive without making any mistakes that would en the drive. Why? Because that's the decision Stubler and Benevies believe is the best way of winning games with their current personnel. There are encouraging signs lately: more sacks and hurries, more stops on second down, more turnovers (six gainst montreal).

What's done is done. No point in further lamenting a close loss in la belle province, or a clanker against the Double Blue from Hogtown. Let's face it, some teams play better against other teams. Lately Montreal has had our number when in Montreal, just as we've dominated them here out west. Toronto has had our number lately and in my opinion are the most physical, punishing team in the league right now.

Edmonton is so bad this, the worst we're going to do is finish third in the west, and possibly better than that now that Kevin Glenn went down in Calgary yesterday and Tate isn't healthy yet. You wonder where Hufnagel is going to quickly find two warm boddies to back up their new starter: former third-stringer Bo Levi Mitchell.

Barring a series of injuries ans setbacks I don't see anybody in the west taking first place away from the green Riders. They're first in point for AND pointsd against. So the rest of the year is about trying to steal second away from Calgary, who we're just 2 points behind. I believe the key will be getting wins on the road, with five of the remaining nine away from the cozy confines of BC Place.

Dooger in Surrey

"Hypocrisy, Denial Or Just A Big Lie??" It is entertainment, it isn't real life. Denial might come into play but the rest isn't applicable.

Any team over .500 can be defined as a top-level team, so there you have it. As long as they win it matters not by how much or by how dominating the win is perceived to be.

I don’t think my post was an unfair one Gridiron. The Voice of Reason said that teams like Edmonton or Winnipeg had never taken to the final whistle against SSK or Calgary when in fact Edmonton did just that against Calgary the other day. I’m not concerned about the reasons for Calgary’s meltdown only that it took the final play of the game for Calgary to secure the win.

There is nothing more that I would like than to see the Esks resurrected from the ashes. Do they still have time? Who knows? For Calgary to allow Edmonton back into the game and almost lose the game creates for a very intriguing second half of football season. The poor stiffs who left the game with still 11 minutes remaining. :thdn: They missed the best comeback and near win in decades that I can recall. If the Esks can keep this up they will win their share of games. If the Lions don’t pull up their own socks who knows what could happen?

It is interesting this CFL stuff. Had the Lions hung on to beat MTL last week and had the Stamps squandered this recent win against the Esks then it would have been the Lions sitting in sole possession of 2nd place just behind the Roughies.