Hyping the Grey Cup like the Americans hype the Stuperbowl

We always hear about how almost 1 billion people watch the Superbowl each year, and how it's one of the most-watched annual sports events, yada yada yada, when really only Americans, Canadians, and a few others ACTUALLY watch it. In reality, usually only about 100 million people watch the Superbowl (which is still a lot, yes, but nowhere near 1 billion ... )

Well, now apparently the Grey Cup is going to be viewable in 61 million American homes, 21 million international homes, plus however many Canadian homes - let's say 25 million. So CLEARLY, the Grey Cup is going to be seen by at least 107 million people!!!

Hey, if the NFL can do it, so can we ... it just goes to show that you can twist numbers any way you want.

Great post :thup: - NFl pumps up the numbers and the football :wink:

I've always felt the 2 week pause between playoffs and SuperBowl to be the stupidest idea in sports.

Kev, instead of being cynical, try to repeat your statement here with optimism and chutzpah! Look, I'm a Football Fan, pure and simple...and if the CFL can find a way to get many more people interested in the Grey Cup, they ought to-and then they ought to blow their own horn about it, just like the NFL and NCAA do! Lets let the sporting WORLD know that North American Football is becoming the sport of choice; that peoples tastes evolve; that soccer and baseball(especially) aren't as entertaining-hell, why d'ya think those English soccer hooligans always tear up the stadium? I might too, if I spent good $$$ on watching 90 minutes of a bunch of guys running up and down the field, to end up nil-nil? The Superbowl is supposedly the most watched sports event in the world; it CERTAINLY is the most watched in the US-and I'm damn proud of the fact that it's a football game! I'd love to see the Grey Cup on ESPN or FOX-sure would beat the World Snoozeries!

It is on ESPN and Fox this year (another thread).

Steveemac... its one thing to endorse a great game like Canadian football. Its definitely another the snub another great sport like association footall (soccer). Ignorantly qualifying its athletes as a bunch of guys just running up and down the field is like saying football is watching a bunch of Neanderthals clunking their heads together...

The NFL alone has a following worldwide thats only 1/10th the size of Aussie Rules Football let alone Rugby or Soccer... NFL football isn't making any inroads other than Americana idolizing places like Mexico, Canada & Japan. NFL Europe is by no means a success either.

To comment on the original topic.. yes the league needs to toot its horn. Its an amazing product. To do this however, they need to stop looking like clowns by doing things like having the league run by 2 or 3 rich BOG members while tossing a good commish out the door.

No sport can match the popularity of soccer worldwide, soccer is just that big and will never be caught by another sport. But doesn't mean the NFL, CFL and all other leagues in other sports can't pump up some numbers, that's fine. But realizing that the World Cup of Soccer is so huge, it's not even funny of which we can learn from and learn to enjoy our Grey Cup and have fun, and the Super Bowl etc.

I agree, I think the best Superbowl games, were the years that there isn't two weeks between games.

Actually it was not that long ago that the CFL did the same thing

Really? I don't remember those days.

(I remember 2 game total point scores)

As far as me “snubbing” soccer (and I WON’T EVER call it Football, I WON’T! I WON’T!), it’s my opinion-but I’ve had plenty of soccer snobs dismiss the sport that is so much a part of my heart and soul that I guess I’m well past the point of caring about diplomacy on this subject-and your Neandertal metaphor is one of the ones I’ve heard too much of… compared to Football, Soccer IS just a bunch of guys running around out there! What is the strategy? What are the plays, and how are they set up-other than on a corner kick or side out? Football is the grand chess match; played at hyperspeed on a lifesize board known as the “gridiron.” Soccer -to me- seems like such a melee; no planning, no order…all dependant on athleticism and some luck. Football takes so much more.
As far as the following of the NFL in comparison to Soccer, Rugby, Aussie Football, Gaelic Football, Baseball, LaCrosse, Tiddlywinks, Yahtzee or 20 Questions-I DON’T FREAKING CARE! Nowhere in my post did I say that North American Football (I consider the US and Canadian games variations on the same sport, much the way that Olympic and NBA basketball are essentially the same game) currently HAS those numbers-but I encourage pigskin fans to be enthusiastic about our sport, and enjoy the fact that those numbers are going up-but even if the rest of the planet can’t pull their soccer-lovin’ heads outta their rectums and enjoy the greatest game on earth the way many of us do, I couldn’t care less! I generally don’t think like an “Ugly American,” but if Mexico, Japan, Canada, Germany or any other country follows the NFL, NCAA or CFL just because they idolise the US or Canada-hey, whatever it takes; as long as they follow it!
…look, this is my opinion, and it’s posted on a Football forum…my main goal was to encourage CanucKev and others like him to be cheerleaders for our great games. If the rest of the world wants to follow Soccer, and not Football-their loss.

grey cup needs more pamela anderson, nelly furtado, skimy cheerleaders, and less CBC panel discussing issues and having the hosts stuttering.

Grey Cup needs fewer women wearing next to nothing, and more information & discussion. It's a football game, not a model or dance show. :roll:

definitely under 20.

sex sells, and the cfl needs more of it. That CBC panel is garbage, they dont work well together, they get confused on air, and everybody seems too nervous.

I've said this before...the CFL is growing in it's own way. It may be too slow for some but the fact is it's growing.

When I signed up for the Directv sports pac to see the CFL, I was told that the channels I subscribe to are viewable in 70 million U.S. homes.

Once the league lands a lucrative T.V. deal and possibly sells some naming rights for big bucks, then there will be no stopping the exposure worldwide.

Great post CK.
Absolutely over 100 million.

On an ongoing basis, there is absolutely no doubt that the World Cup Final is watched by more people than the Superbowl. Even if you combine the viewership totals of the four Superbowls that are played for every one World Cup Final match.

The WORLD CUP OF SOCCER , is watch by 2 billion.

The Summer OYLIMPICS is watched by 2 billion.

The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of Basball was watched by 2 billion people. [JAPAN won that Vs. an America team of MLB players]

The SUPERBOWL doesn't even come close to those.