If just say by chance the cats manage to snag Printers and get him here before the we travel to toronto do u put him in has the back up or start him right away considering if we beat toronto at home next week we mathematically would still be in the fight or do u wait and let him learn the offence me i don't really know what i would do but it's definetly food for thought


Printers won't be here next week, MAY NOT BE HERE AT ALL. And i think you'd want him to have practice time with the team before you throw him in a game and we all go nuts and start the "Printers sucks..."; "We over paid" shinanigins...

yes I agree but even if we do get him and do play him i don't think anyone other then Doug Flutie in his prime could do anything with how bad or O LINE is

No QB can come in and start right away, it will take at least 3 weeks for him to learn the offense and one week with Taaffe to forget it.