Hybrid Player. Is this part of the future?

Typically a two way player was a lineman. Now we are seeing some thought and direction towards an offensive player (Duron Carter, in this example) intentionally playing offence (WR), defence (DB or CB) and teams (kick returns on missed FG attempts) as his role. Jones has said Carter will play all those positions at times this season.

Is this an anomaly in pro ball, or could this be an evolution of the game - for a talented, high energy players’ role? Assuming the player and coach want the same thing, of course. Last season it seemed a bit gimmicky and maybe even
part of the mind game and mental aspect of facing your opponent, while now in the off season it’s being discussed as an actual strategy for the season.

The reason it evolved from the early years where it was common place was the size of the roster expanding .

I think Jones thinks outside of the box and believes that great athletes can change positions and be as good as the one positional player because of athletic stamina and abilities . I think he likes Carter's sense of bravado and as long as he backs it up and can fill in for an injured player when needed then Carter's value on the team as utilitarian is worth more than if he played one position . His ability to back up the back ups is exceptional . Many receivers are not trained well in tackling unless used on special teams .

There is a risk associated with it but it''s not uncommon in baseball or hockey to change positions because of injuries and I don't see football as any different .

The more I think about this (Carter playing both ways), makes me think that this is another facet of Jones thinking outside the box as you stated. He’s a very defensive minded coach, and if you’ve got a player who can catch balls the way that guy can and is quick and tall and very manoeuvrable - it really enhances your teams takeaway strengths to have him always around the ball as much as humanly possible.

I think Carters ability is best put this way. If WR Carter was being Covered by DB Carter, who would win? That is where he should primarily be then. One of those spots pays a lot better than another at all-star levels.

I like the ROI on Carters contract. 3 jobs performed for one salary, lol.

Until 1950 in Canadian football, if a player left the field of play for any reason, he couldn't re-enter the game until the start of the next quarter (that's why they had "water boys" who would bring out a bucket of water and ladle to give the players on the field a drink). This rule forced many players to play on all three teams, because if a player was substituted, he had to sit out until the next quarter. I believe rugby has a similar rule.

Often the QB also played safety, halfbacks and fullbacks would play as defensive backs...and so on.

Should be normal. Many Many players played both sides of the ball and special teams.
Two years ago Edmonton had a QB and got playing time each game and was on Kick off defense team.
Jackie Parker did even better, played in grey cup as QB, kick off returner and was a coach.
Normal future still in. Highbaugh played Defensive back, offensive receiver, returned kick offs and punt returns. Many others. No big deal. Add YOUR favorite players to this list.

No, the hybrid player is not part of the future. Carter's use in the secondary is merely a product of suspect depth and questionable recruiting on the part of Jones. See 50 year old Jovon Johnson who was cast off from Montreal the year prior yet has somehow managed to stick to the Riders starting roster. Jones' reckless decisions have cost him in the past and will likely continue to haunt him in the future.

In the increasingly specialized world of pro football it is foolish to be overusing a player, especially one that tends to be undisciplined and unwilling of learning the schemes on the defensive side of the ball. Carter was a freelancer out there and I doubt that changes should he see action in the secondary in 2018.

I agree, I don't think it's a way of the future either except if there was a way that this might say a team money without sacrificing efficacy. It was neat to see Carter play on both sides I will admit though. But it does increase the chances for injury and that is a consideration as well.

Love the question. Better question. Who would win the trashtalking?

Would be a draw

even ability favors the receiver

But Carter might be a better DB than receiver so it balances out

not sure if that is even possible.

We will likely find out this season. Gonna be interesting to watch