Hwy 403 too vulnerable for stadium traffic chaos ?

Yesterday's and this morning's traffic nightmare on Hwy 403 within the Hamilton city limits underscores another weakness in a potential West Harbour stadium location. The big problem, as I see it, is that any event at that location will rely on only one Hwy to move people into the stadium area from Brantford, Oakville, Burlington, Flamborough, Wellington County and even those coming across the Linc to go down the hill to the stadium.........all it will take is even a minor collision to snarl traffic to a complete standstill.

On the other hand, a location such as Confederation Park is not as vulnerable as there are many alternate routes to the area with people arriving from many directions.

Here are some articles in today's Spectator concerning the problems with Hwy 403:

Another 403 eastbound bottleneck
Ron Albertson, The Hamilton Spectator

Tractor-trailer rollover at Linc and eastbound 403
May 21, 2010
Andrew Baulcomb
It’s another traffic nightmare for morning commuters.

read article here:


Gridlock plan for 403 still not road ready

May 21, 2010
Dana Brown and Paul Morse
The Hamilton Spectator
(May 21, 2010)

Nearly a year after a working group was created to address traffic chaos on Highway 403 during emergencies, Hamiltonians are still waiting for a plan.

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I don't think it's any worse than the QEW Niagara on a Friday night (when many games occur). Plus, people from Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, etc., will quickly figure out they should take the GO train (if they have proper encouragement and it is made convenient).

Dedicated trains would help too, especially on the weekends. If they are scheduled to arrive 15, 45, and 60 min before gametime. Then there should be something similar post-game. On weekdays, the commuter trains will be frequent enough to service people going to the games, but additional trains might be needed afterwards.

And if you really want to drive from the mountain or the Niagara Peninsula, then you can take the Link / Red Hill Expressway and Burlington St.


People drive.....that's reality


                 I still think the answer is having a stadium in the downtown area. The present system of using shuttle buses from outlying malls around the city would get around the Highway 403 problem

                I see similar problems with the Oakville area if ever this terrible shared stadium idea ever gets off the ground.  The traffic there is worse than the 403 in Hamilton from my experience.

Everytime I drive down to Hamilton… Oakville is the biggest bottleneck in the GTA.

                It seems this stadium dilemma is plagued by either too much traffic or not enough traffic....and too few fans. <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->

Such as…?

Of course they do. Did red24 say otherwise?

It's about having options, including driving.

Yep, they do, and if there's limited parking at $20-25 a pop, then they'll consider other options too. They'll choose those other options if they're convenient.


How about all full season ticket holders (not 5 pack stuff) get a parking space at 50 or maybe even more percentage off the said parking price?

I don't do back and forth Q&A sessions as I'm too busy to keep up.......I just express my thoughts and it's up to you to debunk them on your own if you feel compelled :slight_smile:

If the stadium is in the city, you have the option of intra-city roads and Public Transit. If the stadium is on the highway, you have....the highway.

If the highway has an accident, heavy volume, is washed out, is on fire, is occupied by a herd of caribou, is closed for an O.J. Simpson chase, the stadium becomes completely inaccessible.

Any stadium, anywhere is susceptible to any accident, act of God or human distraction.

West harbour just happens to be the least accessible.

I don't know -- to get to the West Harbour (and/or SJAM), all I really have to do is find my way downtown. Pretty much every street and bus will lead me there. Won't be able to park right at the front door, but I'm pretty confident I can get there even if a major artery gets bogged down with an accident. Hell, I could park at Fortinos and jog there if, perhaps, a mass protest/ riot shut down every street in the core. (Might loot myself some new shoes!! Kidding, kidding!!)

Convenience is the issue with West Harbour. Not accessibility.

I'm no expert but I think "close to multilpe highways" can actually slow down traffic.

How many times have we been stuck where the QEW and 403 meet at ford Drive?

Before I sold my car, I used to work in Mississauga where the 403 and 401 met and the 410 and 427 were nearby. Traffic nightmare everyday not only on the highway but actually getting to them could take 30 to 40 minutes.

I am already seeing slowdowns in the QEW Red Hill area on Friday afternoons around what would be game time and traffic will only get worse as more people live and work around there.

I'm not saying I can't be fixed but if the current infrastructure is left there is a potential huge traffic issue.

Of course anybody who things we can have a set up where 25,000 people come to and leave a place simultaneously without congestion is dreaming in technicolour.

Convenience is the issue with West Harbour

That's why I like the west harbour but this is selfish of me if it means in the long run the demise of the TigerCats. As a fan, I'm prepared to travel farther for a game if it means a healthier financial outlook for the team. And I'll go far as to say I'm prepared to help the Argos in this stadium situation as well if it means the health of that franchise.

All I really need in the end is one healthy franchise for this area, I'm a CFL fan first, a TigerCat fan (and grew up as an Argo fan to be honest) second. If cutting the pie in half for both teams means both go down, I see it better that at least one team survives. And the stadium location and issue is very much tied in with this concept.

Yeah, I'm with you on the health of both franchises. I just see the ultra-accelerated demise of both if this shared stadium idea gets any more ink.

There are a lot of things that make good, logical sense on paper. And sure, two tenants in one stadium makes loads of sense. But sports allegiances and ticket purchases are an emotional decision. Not logical or analytical. (Truth be told, most purchases are emotional rather than rationale.) So, this 'meet me halfway' idea does not address the emotion factor at all.

'nuff said.

Oh please...any time there is work or a suicide off the skyway, lanes get closed the same.


I guess there is never an accident on the skyway bridge or the qew niagara or on centenial parkway, they must be the safest roads in the world. the skyway never gets closed for high winds, could be wrong tho

The Skyway has a built in detour that works well.........Eastport Drive

And this afternoon, the 3rd major problem on the 403 in 24 hours.........