Huskies Robbed, but they will have the last laugh

I can't believe the crap that goes on in the CIS awards.
Two awards that should have gone to huskies did not.
One, the Hec Creighton went to a great football player Fantuz. But to me it looked a lot more like he got the award because of his career acheivements then the years. He had a good year yes, but not as good as the Huskies David Stevens.
Stevens led Can west in rushing by a lot. And that means a lot because statistically can west teams are harder to run against on average then all other conferences.
He was second in the country in rushing with 1200+ yds.
He led the country in rushing TD's, and had a couple passing ones as well, which led the whole country with 14 TD's

Now here is the amazing stat. In every game this year, including playoffs, Stevens rushed for over 100 yds. in lots of those games he reached it in the first half. He also was the only running back this year to get 100 yds on Laval.

Fantuz, had a really good year with 800 + yds catching, and 12 touchdowns. No doubt a great year. But he was also playing in the worst league in the CIS the OUA.
Of course he got a lot of yds and points, in one of their games they won 70-1.

But because Can West games are not seen on TV he was not seen at all, so noe of the eastern reprters or coaches vote for him. I think its a flawed system

The second award was Laval's Consantin getting coach of the year over the Huskies Brian Towriss. don't get me wrong he is a great coach, and he does a great job with arguably the best program in CIS right now. But he also has a million dollar budget to work with. If the huskie budget is half of that I would be suprised. Yet the huskies still went 11-0, Laval went 10-1. Huskies went 10-0 in a harder conference, and yes it is harder.
You give towriss a million dollars to run the huskies, and you would see a football program.

I'm sorry but it just pisses me off how the West gets almost no credit in CIS, yet consistently they are the most competitive conference.
The Hec has not gone outside of OUA since 97 yet the OUA has not been in a Vanier untill this year in 10 years.

whatever though, they can take their concilation prizes, The Huskies will have the last laugh tomorrow when they put the hood on the Hawks.

and yes I am ranting, but I'm pissed off.

any different from the CFL?

Good points Billy

I heard the Huskies budget was a third of what Laval’s was.

Need a kleenex Billy.
Stop crying.Suck it up.The best players won the awards.
Just like the better CIS team won the cup!!!

Don’t know anything about the CIS but according to the stats that Billy posted, the best player did not get the award and that is what I think he is upset about.

Saskargo you are a moron. I thought you only hated the Riders. Why would you now try to bash a bunch of students who played their hearts out. You are ridiculous and I would say you have gone to a new low. but then again you have been much lower.

And no the best players did not win the award. Oh did I mention Stevens got 193 yds rushing in the Vanier, along with 47 yds recieving and 3 td’s. He was the best player in the country by far.

Billy, I really don't know what I'm talking about here, but maybe Constantin won the coach award because he made a perfect season after losing a lot of players to graduation last year. Did the Husky lose a lot of starters between the 2004 and 2005 season? It may be considered easier to win with more starters coming back.

But as I tell you, I have no way of knowing how many Huskies were replaced so I can't compare. I just try to find what might be logical reasonings.

Billy do you call everyone a moron who doesn't agree with you>
If so,then everyone would be a moron.
Are you upset that I don't cheer for the Huskies.
Well I don't like towers(Coach).
Just because your team lost,doesn't mean you have to get so bitter.Stop crying and suck it up.Oh yeah your not a real man!!!
Yes the right person did win the award.
Another thing you Jack,I didn't question how hard those guys played.Just the better team won.You are a sore loser!!!
Congrats Laurier!!!

CIS sux

No saskargo I call people morons, when they decide to gloat on something that does not involve them. If you are neither a Huskie fan or a Laurier fan (just a suspicion, but from what I know about you, if you were you would have been jamming this down my throat) then how can you gloat to me on the game. Why are you jumping in on something that does not concern you. And its Towriss not Towers, and if you don't like him fine, whatever.
Ya I am pissed off at the game not going the way I wanted it to. I have the right to, I help pay for this team.

3rd, I don't doubt that Constantin did do a great job. Huskies did also lose some key players. They lost all of their starting recievers and 2 of their starting linebackers.
Another coach who should feel burned on this decision, is the Laurier coach, he obviously did a pretty damn good job as well.

Whatever its over now. Next years Vanier is here in Saskatoon and Hopefully the Huskies can come back and play at home, although they are losing 12 players for sure. Towriss does a pretty damn good job of recruiting though so they should still have a solid team.

Hallucinate your input is not wanted or needed. Man I hate statements like that. If the topic does not concern you, stay off it.

Too bad Billy.
It does concern moi.Don't forget I'm Saskatchewan Made.
It just bothers you that I don't cheer for your little Huskies.
Haha your team lost.If i recall it was going to be a cake walk.
Your right I'm not a Laurier fan.I don't even like Cis Football.
However I will cheer for any team before the Huskies!!!
However Billy I do like the Hilltops.
I'm just glad it pi$$es you off.
That is why I love the win for Laurier.
Now suck it up you Hypocrite and move on!!!
I don't want to hear from second place team fans!!!!

Hey anybody get the scoer of the Vanier cup?LOL

Congrats on a great game Laurier.
You are very good team,and it showed!!!