Huskies OL Neufeld Third Rider pick

Another PR move? Yes, but we do need to re-stock the OL once Makowsky and the elder statesmen move on.

Yes, and he was expected to be picked at this pick... so Hooray!

I must admit that I have a bit of trouble labelling every draft of or trade for a Sask-born/raised kid as a PR move. I live in the heart of pure lain Québec and virtually everyone here longs for the day when the Canadians had half their roster from Québec and won all the time. They are convinced that a big part of that winning was because the local guys had more pride and played harder for the C on the jersey. At this (professional) level of sport, that can make the difference since the talent is quite comparable, so they may very well be right … at least that it is a factor. It will not be true for every Sask kid, but I do think that, on average, this “play for my province” mentality takes their play up a notch and management knows it.

Considering that the Riders were strong at O line at receiver, choosing either position would be questionable, considering we are thinner at D line and LB. Being local boys made the Sisco and Neufeld picks more acceptable. I’m not saying this is the Rider mentality, but it is plausible.

Plain and simple, Patty Neufeld is a BEAST! Plus, you can never, ever go wrong drafting a U of S Huskies O-lineman.

This is true. That program is a factory for hoggies.

Nicely put, and am in total agreement beagle.

BT and his staff have done a deadly job with O linemen. That is probably why the top players choose the U of S program. Interesting considering the last two CFL O line award winners were Husky alumni.