Hurting at mlb

Maybe we should be playing Auggie in the middle until Haley or whoever gets more acclimatized to the position. I never thought that Siskowic played badly. He was a tough kid who played here last year and should have been given a better shot at mlb. The last game was probably the worst game I've seen from a mlb in Hamilton in years. :cowboy:

I thought Otis was playing middle?
If he is its an adjustment, give him some time.

You'll see the same thing you saw on Wed. tackles made 8 yards downfield if Auggie starts at MLB. He's a backup.

I understand that Haley was used at MLB. And it says here on this depth chart that it was Haley, not Floyd, used at MLB.

Auggie may be more experienced, but I'm not sure if he should be starting. Are we going to have a starting MLB debate here that will sound similar to any starting QB debates? :slight_smile:

This is the week where practices are to fix the rookie mistakes Haley made -- including his missed tackles. You start looking for other options if he cannot improve.

Oski Wee Wee,

Otis was on the weak side.

Auggie, as mentioned is a back-up. Too slow, can't cover and makes his tackles 7 yards past the line of scrimmage.

Give Haley some time.

Romania wasn't built in a day.

Too bad Siskowic never really got a chance. They gave him a chance last year and he tore a hole in the Montreal OL. But that being said, the talent on the team must be improving to cut a rising star like Siskowic. Let's hope these young guys develop to lead this team for years to come. :rockin:

I hope Siskowic soon gets off the injury list and into game action.

8) That won't be happening at all. Siskowic has been officially released from the team now !!!!

Siskowic (sp) was cut from the roster. Watched the BC vs Sask game last night. One thing that stuck out - the offence was far behing the defence. Another issue that never seems to get resolved - both of those team has players will talent. There are too many guys on the Tiger Cats team what would not make the roster anywhere else in the league. Poor scouting - and poor talent evaluation. Did you notice Tad Kournegay last night. Another Hamilton cut who played very well somewhere else.

The Hole that he tore in thre Montreal O-Line could not have been too big because AC put up about 50 completions and 500 yds that day . I assume you are talking about that game because the next week the Als put up another 550 yds of offense with the "HOF bound" tandem of Diedrick and Kerry Carter putting up 200 yds running over Siskowic's belly button.

The HULK????....maybe not. A catchy nickname does not make a rising star make. He was a fringe guy who had a lot of desire, but if you can't cut it on a team that has won 6 games in the last two years, you have problems.

The rebuilding of the Ticats is underway....Porter, Prechae, Thompson, a few others...THESE are the guys that you build around. There are a bunch of players on this team that will discretely disappear over the course of this season. I imagine that a few of these names will be "big name" players.

Fringe guys like Siskowic, Berrenchea, Gordon, gotta go.....

End of the line guys gotta go...

Then the Cats can work on getting better.

We've signed import LB Jamall Johnson. So obviously Obie is not yet content with our talent there.

I'm sorry, but Tad Kournegay was awful when he was here.

Very nice signing. He is not coming in as a CFL reject either so that helps. He signed with Tampa Bay in Dec. 08 and was recently cut.

Good free agent pickup for sure. This guy has the speed and stats to be very effective.

8) Just goes to prove what good coaching can do to bring out the best in a player !!!

Coaching - Leadership - Talent & Player Evaluation - Scouting - is what the Tiger Cats have lacked in the past. The jury is still out on the 2009 version.