Well well well.

The good teams should win at home! Losing at home is one thing, getting annihilated is something else.

Waiting to see the TURKEYSPIN on this one. Some will say backups and a meaningless game blah blah blah. Lions played a number of backups and was a meaningless game. I guess Rider depth is suspect if thats the excuse.

Calling the Lions the pussycats all season and usually putting the Riders on top claiming the lions barely beat this crap team or that crap team. How do you explain the riders this week? Has the rider momentum ground to a halt at the worst possible time? Is a home game for the riders a good thing if they cant win at home? Have the Softriders slipped to 3rd on the rankings? you tell me!

Sharpening my axe and have picked out my Christmas turkey. GOBBLE GOBBLE CHOP

Are you kidding me? The Lions won by a single point. :roll:


I for one am not gloating about that win either , but if turkeybend can do it every time the Riders win why can't some one else? Will there even be a Turkey ranking this week ? I know what would have been posted here had the Riders squeaked out a one point win .
I'm just going to take his post like I do with Turkey's stuff.

won - key word.

Turkey's kinda quiet today...can hear a pin drop.

And that 1 point was worth 2 in the standings. A W is a W but seeing an Eskie logo under your name I can forgive you for forgetting what a W is worth.

Who edited my rankings?

I like turkey's rankins. He is so out there with his over the top homerism that it is funny. I can't see anyone taking him seriously. I can just see his head popping up, him throwing his rankings in and then running off gobbling with Wut_LoLZatU running after him with a crazed Elmer Fudd look in his eye screaming "Come back here you wascally turkey!!!!"