Hurry up!

Here's something I've noticed the last couple of games.

Does our offence not know how to operate in the no-huddle?

Last night in the last minute of the first half I think we only ran 4 plays before having to go for the field goal. They were huddling up and wasting about 10 seconds with each snap. The way the clock stops in the CFL you should be ready to snap the ball within a couple of seconds of the ref blowing time in.
I think it was in the Montreal game that the same thing happened.

I agree, our hurry up offence wasn't hurrying! I was screaming at the screen for them to hurry, but no, they kept huddling and burning time. And sure enough, we ran off so much time that we had to settle for a field goal.

Yes the Montreal game clock management was dreadful. With 1:05 left in the 2nd quarter and the Cats 1st & 10 around midfield, they managed to get off 3 plays, before calling a T.O with 10 seconds left and then missed a long FG and came away with nothing. 2 plays used the full running 20 second clock. Really awful :thdn:

Not to mention they didn't appear to have any intention of looking more than 10 yards down field