Hurry up Offense

Chamblin. Do you even practice a hurry up offense.

Durant, 3 man rush why can't you move out of the pocket? Brutual.

I agree, but with all the money they spent on the offensive line, the whole line can't block at 3 man rush????

Perhaps Chamblin, Dyce and Durant should study some old Ronnie Lancaster game footage about managing a drive in the last minute. Riders looked brutal in that last drive, showed no sense of urgency or efficiency.
I fault the O line more than Durant on that last play. Only the final example of some key O line breakdowns today.

I thought the play towards the end was respectable, except the 1 that DD should have ran instead of lobbing over Sheet's head. He was making the right reads and not wasting time. Drops and high passes on dump offs killed them all game...not just the last 3 minutes.

Hats off to the D for giving the club TWO chances to win it late though.

If it wasnt for the defenses’ inability to get off the field they wouldnt have been in that situation.

one could also argue that the O's inability to sustain a drive for a 30 minute stretch of the game (2nd through third) never gave the D a chance to regroup. Montreal is going to move the ball....they are a good team, but I thought the D played okay...not spectacular, but broken coverage aside for a 51 yard bomb and McKenzie's inability to cover Richardson. The saving grace was hat Richardson dropped 2-3 passes or he would have been pushing 250 yards with 2 TDs...I do not understand why McKenzie was left on didn't work. I mean, it is not like he was making the great catch in coverage...he was 5+ yards open with McKenzie trailing on most plays. Take 1/2 that away and AC is under 200 yards passing.

Frankly they could work in a hurry up offense every game in the first half just to keep the other D on thier heels. Even if it is only 3 plays in a series. Gets them some practice time and if do it in a loud stadium teaches them watch/respond to DD, much like they will have to do in the play offs. Coaches need some foresight for the play offs.

Also, it wasn't until Calvillo started to run that DD seemed to remember he has legs too. Instead he's sitting in the pocket, taking hits instead of running and sliding feet first. It's way easier on his body and keeps him from further hip injuries. I think he got to high on him self with people being a pocket passer. He doesn't release the ball fast enough to be a pure pocket passer and he is missing out on keeping the D honest and playing to stop his run (which frees up our reciever a bit more).

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