Hurry up offense ?

I hope that we have practised and put in a hurryup offense because there are times when we needed it and will need it in the future?

Do ya think???

Too late. Hurry-up offense means winning at least 3 of your first 6 games.

Good point about having a hurry up offence.

Maybe it is a result of the short length of time of the hurry up pre season allowed to CFL teams.

We really need a couple more weeks of training camp /preseason games ,like it or not!

Charlie Taafe seems to be bringing the team along bit by bit as time or lack of it in this case allows....

Hurry up and practice more hurry up offence.

Danny Mac and Flutie were experts at it eh?

Similar to AC and Cahoon.

Ya hurry up and win a road game!!!! ba dink a doo :thup: :lol: The boring to watch west Maas offense....... give it Lumsden , dump pass , give to Lumsden, screen pass ..... pa ching we need the Chang

Chang has a good arm, combined with lumsdens running ganes , this SHOULD be a high scoring O,. as for time to impliment a hurry up or no huddle set, HOW LONG could it take for pro,s to remember 4 or 5 plays, ?? in fact they could ALL be the same play from the same set just put the ball in a dif location :cowboy: