Huntley going overboard

I've heard and read Huntley on 3 separate occasions suggest he will head slam Green and Richardson. While the league says nothing....

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I think the league should issue a stern warning to Huntley and the Argos that attempt to injure and revenge are not acceptable. Nip all this in the butt before someone get's crippled.

Yep. Huntley is a lousy excuse for a human being IMO. These kinds of threats are exactly what the league doesn't need, particularly in light of the renewed focus on concussions in all contact sports.

As for the rest of the Argos, whine, whine, whine. :lol: Can't believe they complained about us 'running up the score' in the division final. You have a problem with it? Stop us from scoring. Otherwise, get back on the loser bus.

I don't think he meant that he was going to pick them up and throw them down on their heads wrestling style. I think his comments were more geared towards that he's going to hit them and he's going to make sure he does it cleanly, unlike what they did to him.

At least that's what I got out of it, I honestly don't recall what happened between them last year to create this situation.

Richardson and Green both do their fair share of chirping, getting knocked down certainly isn't going to upset me. Huntley's choice of wording may get him a fine from the league though.

Here's a longer article from the National Post: ... cheap-hit/

[i]“If I get around any of their receivers, especially them two, my plan is to pick them up, turn them over and dump them on their head,? said the 6-foot-8, 293-pound Huntley.

Huntley suggests any score settling will be done within the rules.

“I never do anything to jeopardize the integrity of our defence,? he said. “Obviously if I got to [a receiver] I’ve hustled down the field to make a tackle so why not reward myself by doing what I want to do, which is dump him on the head, but before the whistle.?[/i]

He is explicitly saying he plans to dump our receivers on their heads.

He is also saying he intends to do it cleanly, and I believe picking one up and dumping them on their heads would not be clean.

I think it's a stupid way to say it and that the league probably could do something about it, but as far as actual risk of serious injury to someone like Green or Richardson goes, I wouldn't be all that concerned.

Well, that's kind of the point. He talks about doing it cleanly, but you can't dump someone on his head within the rules. Either way, it amounts to a threat. Huntley is a defensive tackle who really has no reason to be physically engaged with enemy receivers on most plays. I really hope the league watches this game closely.

Orrrrr, its all trash talk intended to get under the skin of the other team, much like how it has with their fans.

Fixed for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, all I can see is a bunch of Argo players whining about respect because they're not good enough to actually do something about it on the field. :lol:

No kidding. The guy clearly stated that he wasn't going to jeopardize his team by taking a stupid penalty. He's talking about playing a physical game.

Dumping a player on his head is a penalty.

not always. there are ways...

I see it as overstatement in trash talking. Considering he says he'll abide by the rules, I don't see an issue.

Fair enough.

I'm not a fan of his comments, though. If he has a problem with us, he should just go on the field and do his job, let his play do the talking instead of running his mouth against the team that humiliated him and his teammates in last year's EDF.

Trash talking tends to backfire. You should be happy to hear all the motivational speaking his is doing for your team :slight_smile:


I suppose that “I am disappointed with how last season turned out…and upset. These feelings will motivate me to bring even more intensity to the game on Friday…especially against their receivers.”
Would meet with your approval?

Geez…he’s pissed about last season…and to be honest…Richardson and Green don’t exactly make a lot of friends out there. Not that I have anything against their self-confident posturing. But an argument could be made that it’s led to Richardson injury this week…and the spearing fine the Saskatchwan safety had to pay for his hit on SJ Green.

Obviously you don’t want to take anything from either of their games…but it can hardly be surprising that taunting an opponent during/after a humiliating defeat is going to cause some long-term resentment.
Huntley may have some trouble expressing himself.
He may even have some anger-management issues.
But every guy on my defensive squad is out there to punish opposing players.
As long as it’s within the rules…I don’t see any issues

Heh, true.

I just don't want any cheap shots and late/dirty hits.

Some people hear are acting like this is the first time they've ever heard football trash-talk. I guess when your team is 0-2 it's easier to get bored.

well, some fans have had a lot more practice trash talking when their team is no better than 5 hundred. For many, its the only way they can :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: heehee, guess its not fixed yet. maybe by labour day. we can only hope.

With the issue of concussions being now discussed up front, I do believe the refs should use huge penalties and, frequent calls to protect all players. It is not a happy read when the horrible facts about concussions are printed. Retired sports players who suffer early Alzheimer's, alcoholism, divorces, violence etc are established facts today.

It is, trust me.I hate having such a stacked roster but having them play like the '07 Ticats.