Hunt Won't Survive Pre-Season In Montreal

Opinion in Montreal seems to suggest Reggie Hunt won't survive the pre-season. Would the Riders be interested if Reggie is willing to take a paycut?

I hope so he and MO lO are my ALL time favorite riders of the last decade. To get one back would be huge. I really would like to see him back in green and white and not just dissapear into thin air like alot of great players in this league


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Ohhhhhh sorry Ron..........I thought you had maybe an authoritative source like a newspaper or radio report or something.....

But if you think us Als' fans are clued in so that you can rely on our musings, then hey thanks, I'll certainly take it as a compliment!

Frankly I don't recall anyone speculating about Hunt getting released...................but someone may have. I do know there were several of us Als' fans who weren't convinced that moving him from his natural position to the inside was a good move.......

MadJack, I think I made it clear that it was opinion and I don't think opinion comming from a radio station or newspaper is any more authoritative than anyone else's. It's just that, .. "opinion". If you are on the Montreal forum often you should have seen "Veterans "in danger"" and the three pages of comments that accompany that post. Frankly, I don't think about why you Als fans are clued in but I notice you seem to post a lot of comments on this forum.

I'm a CFL fan first and foremost.....................Als' fan a distant second.

Trestman and Popp are on the record that Hunt "did a real good job up the middle last year". Of course every spring a player has to fight off younger and cheaper players. "The Reaper" is very well liked by management, teammates and fans. Last year he was coming in to a very different defense after playing his whole carreer in Hall's D and moving to a new town leaving his heart in Saskatchewan... He should be even better this year. Even moved to the Middle...

But it brings to light that while the Riders gave the heart of their defense a lowball offer last season while promoting some guys who left town the minute they could...

I'm looking for "The Reaper" to be flying around in silver and red this year. I think he will. It's gonna take a hell of a player to knock him out :wink:

why would you wanna bring back a has-been? the guy was already losing a step or two when he was IN Saskatchewan, why the heck bring the guy back? what purpose would that serve?

Can't argue with that. Enjoy the season!

My thinking is that Rey had limited starts in 2008. Lucas may be the only starter with significant experience this season.They say Reggie had a very good year in Montreal. If he is playing at that level it may be a real benefit for Rey to have him beside him... at least for 2009. It would give Rey another year to hone his skills before he has to line up next to a rookie.

What an ignorant comment. Hunt was great for the Als lats year. The guy is not a has been. I would take Hunt back in a second.

so that's why the Riders let him go last year without a fight? because he's NOt a has been?

the guy lost a step! they let him go because the guys they had were better and younger and they didn't need Hunt!

they STILL don't need him. if he's not capable of making it with the ALS why would you wanna be a camp cut to the Riders? we aren't the kind of team that picks up other teams cannon fodder! other teams rejects!

I would't want another teams rejected players! if he isn't good enough to make the Als team, what makes us so bad that we have to have him?

The front seven is the area of the team that I'm most concerned about so let me offer my two cents. Montreal is very deep at linebacker this year and they are not going to be able to play everyone. It makes sense to cut the older, higher paid players in favour of lower paid youth. The Riders were in a similar position after the 2007 Grey Cup win. I believe they knew in the off season that they were going with the young guys so they didn't "fight" for Reggie. However, they are not deep this year with the depatures of Anton and Mo. In 2008 they went with three imort starters along with a fourth import (Rey) for insurance. If they were to use the same strategy this year they could start Sean and Rey along with Reggie if he becomes available. They could keep a young import like Sam Olajubutu as the fourth import for insurance. Obviously the Riders didn't expect to loose both Anton and Mo so I think hiring Reggie would make sense.

but why would you do that, when there's more likely someone out there who's just as good, if not better than Reggie and also many years younger!

they easily found Anton and Mo.. i'm very sure they can find another player or two just like them.

they don't need Reggie.

First off, they did not easily find anton and mo. Mo Lloyd was the best MLB we have had here in my lifetime. I would put Reggie Hunt up there for one of the best lbs we have ever had as well. We didn't fight for him last year because he wanted to get paid what he deserved. ET wasn't going to do it so he left. ET had the luxury of having a deep LB pool to work with. That is not the case this year. Hunt proved last year he had not lost a step. Once Montreal put him in a game he did what he always does, make plays. I would love to have the Reaper back in his natural Green and White.

It's probablly irrelevant anyway! It seems like Etch is going to do something totally different. According to an article in the Leader Post he wants to go with what amounts to Toy linebackers. There will probablly be a regular linebacker type (such as Rey) in the middle with DB size guys at the the two outside spots. I hope this works for him but I have to say I have my doubts.

actually, i always thought that you let him go because anton mckenzie and MO lloyd were seriously good LB's and improvements over hunt... But you lost both of them, and now have a huge hole there... if hunt was to become available it would be wise for the riders to have a look IMO

actually, i always thought that you let him go because anton mckenzie and MO lloyd were seriously good LB's and improvements over hunt... But you lost both of them, and now have a huge hole there... if hunt was to become available it would be wise for the riders to have a look IMO
you can easily find linebackers if you look hard enough! just a matter of finding them, having good scouts to locate them.

Yeah, not only is Reggie "The Reaper" Hunt one of the best linebackers in the history of the Roughriders, the CFL and pro-football in general, but he's one of the best in football history! :rockin: If he becomes available, we'd be foolish to not at least give him a look. :wink: