I just heard Bob on Fan 590/Sportsnet, those who have the availability should listen on radio or on Sportsnet sometimes between 5-7 pm eastern as Jeff Hunt will report the status of the “negotiations” with the city.
I will report results or others are also welcome with their slant.

Just heard the interview, nothing major to report.
Jeff says the big council meeting is for April 23, I believe. He has no idea how it will go.
If they get rejected, the group is done and they will not pursue it further. But if accepted, they may pursue a soccer franchise on their own, but this is secondary to the CFL.

I guess it's a wait and see approach now for those of us not living in Ottawa but hopefully those in Ottawa will pressure the politicians to vote yes for LL.


Here's the link:

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I just listened to it. It boggles my mind that anyone could be against this proposal.