Hunt receives offer

...And a very lucrative one from the Bombers, according to the sun....I'd definitely like to see Hunt return to the BLuenGold and continue his qb. sacking ways...Good job Joe Mack for doing all you can to get Phillip to re-sign....Now it's up to Hunt :thup:

That's about all Mack can do.Gotta say,Joe Mack has got this team heading in the right direction.

Vikings consider signing CFL's top pass rusher Posted by Judd Zulgad Last update: January 25, 2011 - 9:29 AM The Vikings are interested in signing CFL defensive end Phillip Hunt, according to Adam Caplan of Fox Sports. Hunt, who led the CFL with 16 sacks while playing for Winnipeg in 2010, was one of four CFL players who worked out for the Vikings on Dec. 18. He spent time with the Cleveland Browns in 2009 after being signed as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Houston. He was let go by the Browns after only one preseason game. Hunt also has worked out for Cleveland, Houston, New England and Philadelphia.
Remains to be seen what type of signing bonus they offer. The are reporting Arceneaux got a $75K signing bonus from the vikes to sign. Not sure if that will be enough to entice Hunt to leave the Bomber offer on the table.

...yes, it better be a good offer.....with a lock-out most probable, i think it's a big mistake for some of these guys to sign for peanuts and chump change......we'll see :roll:

Yes, the potential (likely?) NFL lockout should give players pause before making a decision. . . memo to Philip Hunt. . . recall that adage about a bird in the hand ?

The threat of a potential NFL lockout to CFL players considering NFL contracts is overblown I think. The signing bonus is the most important factor I think. Hunt even said in the Wpg Free Press article that he would need good enough money up front so he and his family can live off it in case of a lockout.
Let's say, for simplicity sake, that Hunt gets a similar deal to the one the vikes gave Arceneaux - 3 yrs up to $1.3 million, 75K signing bonus and lets say the bombers outstanding offer to him is in the neighborhood of $125K. If he took the 75K and ended up sitting out the season because of the lockout he'd be out 50K on the year, but his body wouldn't have to take a beating during the lockout and once they come back from the lockout his salary would be well above what he'd make up here. Let's say he decided he'd rather play football next season than sit during a lockout or would prefer what the bombers are offering than the signing bonus he's offered by the vikes, would he or could he even sign anything that would allow him give the NFL another shot after next season? The new CBA will close ability to jump to the NFL in the option year window starting in 2012 so if I'm not mistaken he will need to sign at least a 1 yr plus option, meaning it would be 2 years before he gets another shot at the NFL. Would he risk losing value if he got hurt or his stats for some reason dropped off from this year (not that I expect that they will)? Also I'm not quite exactly sure how the lockout will affect players like Hunt that sign with NFL teams. Does just signing an NFL contract make him a member of the NFLPA or does he actually need to get on the field with the team before he becomes a member? There are a number of factors but I think that it will come down to money - if the signing bonus is good enough for now the potential salary once the lockout is over is more enticing than the threat of a lockout is a deterrant.

...first of all wolverine, you don't know what the Bombers offered.....secondly the injury scenario could just as well happen in the nfl fodder camp as it could playing in the CFL...thirdly....This comes down to 'security' for him and his family...A wise ol guy once told me that a bird in the hand (CFL) is worth two in the bush (nfl)... (correct MadJack) The latest word out of the nfl is that this could be a protracted lock-out...I'm sure Mr. Hunt will come to the right decision, with regards to his and his families future :wink:

The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to contract terms with Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive end Phillip Hunt, who led the CFL this past season with 16 sacks.

The six foot one, 250 pound Hunt was undrafted out of college.

He spent his rookie training camp with the Cleveland Browns but was released in August of 2009 and surfaced in Winnipeg, where he had three sacks as a rookie and 16 this past season.

The deal with the Eagles won't be formally announced until Hunt passes a physical, which he is taking Friday afternoon.


....OUCH.....this one hurts :frowning:

I'll say. That was one terrific D line last season, in my opinion the best in the CFL. Great news the other day that Doug Brown is returning, and now a downer like this. . . oh well, from all reports the Bombers made him a pretty good offer. Not sure, were I to have been his agent, I'd have advised him trying his luck in the NFL. . . if the rumours are true that the Eagles will look at him as DE and not LB, he may be in tough to make it, he's a bit undersized I'd suggest for a NFL DE.

…i agree MJ that Hunt is undersized for an nfl de…Why these agents put a players future on the line, for a position in this climate, is a head-scatcher…Good Luck to him though…he’ll need it :wink:

I'm going to wait until it's official. This off-season it's been reported that players have been offered contracts and/or were on the verge of signing and then either nothing happened or the player didn't sign.

Too bad about Hunt, but on the bright side, it could free up some cash for Heffney.

Apparently it’s now official. From a Bomber perspective, that sucks. Good luck to Hunt though. I hope he does us proud.

And apparently it's a 3 year deal.

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good luck to Phil Hunt