Hunt not above whining and crying

"I wanna staaaay!!!" Well boo 'bleeping' hoo Reggie Hunt.

You put pen to paper with another club and thats it man! You gonna pull a Flory now and disappear out of Montreal as fast as you appeared? If you were so intent on staying, let me remind you, you had your chance to sign with the Riders for 110k in 2008(the same as 2007 minus a 15k signing bonus which made 2007's salary 125k) at the end of last year. You weren't asked to take a reduction in 2007 against the 800k Tillman had to reduce. You had a cushy full time PR job with Sasktel in the offseason that the Riders got you where you probably earned another 30-40k a year(and it sounds like you plan on retaining that job here in the offseason). And now the club has to face cap overage for not asking guys like you to take a cut and we pay double on that money and risk draft picks in the future.

Now you and Paup have ticked off the vetran LB in Mtl. at your position and the whining your now doing makes you waaay less popular with the people you claim to know and love. The Rider brass realized they were approaching the ceiling of the SMS after signing the guys they considered priorities. Why weren't you a priority with all your years of service and the numbers you put up? The Riders have a lot of depth at your position my friend. All that considered, you were a bonehead not to sign if you stand by your claim of wanting to be here.

I'm not buying it buddy, because if I do it means your an idiot. You want to be here...SIGN, end of story, no brainer. You made your own bed, now sleep in it Reginald Hunt! Your getting a rousing boo from me upon your return for this display of less than mature standards.


nicest rant i've seen for a while ... but uh where was he whinning?

I suspect the bs kel is trying to stir up is related to the following article.

[url=] ... ce&k=85254[/url]

Based on how I read the article, Hunt is just stating why he left. It was because he was asked to take 31% cut to salary this year.

He expresses his fustration with not getting a legitimate offer. There is nothing bad in the article.

...good plan, because issuing a rousing boo is the pinnacle of maturity you know...personally, I would go with the 'earnest look of disappointment', this will affect reggie's play much more than a vocal display.....think about it, he'll look up at you, and see that hurt feeling in your eyes, and it will totally throw his game off....he might even sit out a few plays while he ponders how much his leaving under the circumstances he choose have affected your ability to enjoy the game....he will be crushed....believe me, I'm a father of three teenagers, the look does them in...throw a deep sigh in there too for good measure...

...Hey! Wait a second....doens't this count towards the cap then? Ro, quick, here is an example of end-running the SMS....tillman you dirty dog you....

Now don't bring that salary cap stuff up! :x :x You know what will happen next! :roll: :roll:

I will never be mad at Hunt. The guy played his heart out on the field for us. And he is a big reason that we are the champs right now. He isn’t whining he is expressing why it is that he now plays for Mtl. I wish Tillman would have offered him a bit more then 85 grand, but what can you do. doubt Sporty....

...hey, what can I say, after two weeks and countless posts on the same subject, droning on and on, to the rest of us thats what you, Arius and rw05 look like sometimes...truth man...

You know this post does not suprise me. Yet another reason why I dislike some rider fans. A players leaves so he can have a better opportunity at a raise and guess what the I hate Reggie Rants are starting up. I guess you will need thos e Reggie su-ucks shirt ready for the season. I know of no other team where fans do this to players that leave for another team only in Whine country. You have a GC coach leave for a better opportunity no whining no Austin su-cks but a player does the same thing look whats happens. Yes the so called greatest fans of the cFl fail yet again.

Does this sound familar?

The contract offer Hunt received from Tillman was for "$85,000, with no signing bonus and no incentives.'' Hunt had hoped to earn the same salary, so he felt the drastic decrease showed the Roughriders had no interest in retaining him. Hunt said his one-year (plus an option) contract with Montreal pays him less than last season with Saskatchewan. Tillman take another bow you jackass! :lol: :lol:

Hey R&W it is very simple....I know the concept is foriegn to but this board is just like a television....if you don't want to watch to it turn it off or change channels. Well if you don't like the cap discussion don't go into the cap thread.

Now....I find it interesting you start some petty little thing like this in a thread that has got nothing do to do with the cap. But I guess you don't understand that.

Hey Red watch it? No more free rides from the bar!

Saskatchewan may be, and I repeat may be, where the heart of the CFL is, but some people would rather look at some muscle and a face rather than a heart. To each his own, whatever makes you tick.

...geez, mr pot, you seemed to want to play along with taking the topic, well, off...sanctimonius....

...back on topic now so Mike doens't blow a fuse....WHY HAS TILLMAN SKIRTED THE SMS AND GOT A SASKTEL JOB FOR MR. HUNT?....discuss...

Mike, get a sense of humour...

:lol: We need to make a RedandWhite quote book. :lol:

Chief I had no problem with R&W's first statement. In fact I thought it was funny. It was his blah blah blah comment that I took exception to.

But onto the question of skirting the cap. This clearily isn't a case of skirting the cap rules. For one he is being paid by the SaskTel. He is paid to do PR on behalf of SaskTel.

All teams help their players get jobs on the side, it is part of helping them transition away from football, when they are done playing.

But because some rider fan wants to link the job back to riders that is a problem. I guess the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan should be told they can't hire Gene Makowski to work on developing grassroots and junior football programs in the province.

Or the CBC or TSN be allowed to hire guys like Burris at the end of season to be on their panels.

I heard he wanted to learn french and he thought it would be easier in Montreal.

...I take exception to you taking exception of my blahs...

...I agree with you Mike on the sasktel job, but others won't and will see it as a way of getting around the SMS....The riders pay Sasktel to invent a job and the riders pay sasktel the equal salary paid to RH....the conspiracy guys will see it this way....