Hunt for ROY

Aaron Hunt should win ROY. What would you say Etienne Boulay's chances are of taking home the award? I'd put his chances at about 20%. Good year for sure, not a Hunt type year though.

....I thought this thread meant Roy was lost....

Boulay's chances aren't as good as you suggest....

Ya I thought we were talking about Shivers too.

A-Hunt will win it and deserves to win it. He is the man. Rookie of the Year and CFL All-Star!

He should get it... I hope he does. And thats not just because he is Reggie's little brother!

I was going to start a rumour he was going to end up in Edmonton with Paopao and Machocia! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Winning the award changes nothing. Boulay was a prime addition to the Als' roster, and being the second best rookie in the league is a great achievement. Both these guys should have a great career.

By the way, last three Eastern rookie of the year:

  • Etienne Boulay, 2006
  • Matthieu Proulx, 2005
  • Almondo Curry, 2004

I'd say Popp is still sharp.

Too bad about Almondo Curry now... I was looking forward to him to be in Regina for a long while...