Hunger Strike

Day 3. Almost didn't make it to the computer. Very weak. I can almost see a rib through the three rolls around my belly. Saw a piece of cucumber today and nearly ate it (green doesn't sit well in my stomache).

I wish the Cats would play today. I need to eat. I've had lot's of visitors. Grover Covington visited today and brought me a rack of ribs. I threw the ribs out the window. They were intercepted by the Blue Bomber defensive backfield and run back for a touchdown. "Eat Stkittsfan, eat!" He screamed. "You're withering".

"You know the deal, now win no eat." We looked at each other and cried like babies.

Please win soon Cats I've lost half an ounce.

What the heck? Yesterday, you were down half a pound!?

Stay with it, Stkitsfan. You're fading away to a ton!

Personally, I have never understood hunger strikes. The only person you hurt is yourself.

Why should I or anyone care if you want to do that to yourself?

It's a solidarity movement. It is in support of our Ticat bretheren. It is a peaceful vigil. It is a way to bring awareness to our plight. If the Cats can't find pleasure in a win, I shall find no pleasure in life sustaining food.

Cats Forever!

Owww man my neighbour smells like his cooking a steak. I've got to go close my windows fast.

How's this for dessert, or breakfast? Come over to section 25 on Friday night, I'll share some sunflower seeds with you.

mmmmmmmmmmm,argos suck cup cakes,mmmmmmmmmmmm

Weird food related hallucinations you say?

(Wikipedia entry for "Hunger"):

"Hunger is a feeling experienced when the glycogen level of the liver falls below a threshold, usually followed by a desire to eat. The usually unpleasant feeling originates in the hypothalamus and is released through receptors in the liver. Although an average nourished human can survive weeks without food intake, the sensation of hunger typically begins after several hours without eating.

Hunger can also be applied metaphorically to cravings of other sorts, e.g. 'hungry for victory.'"

I have now built a sweatlodge in my backyard. Through deep meditation and fasting I believe a message will come to me.

I am sweating all over my laptop right now. My mind is a blur. Earl Winfield and Rocky Dipietro are sitting with me, but they weren't here before. Is this a dream? They are throwing coconuts and riding on surf boards. Don Ho has just arrived playing the Hawaii 5-0 theme song on a ukulele. What ever could this mean?

They've just invited me to a luau. Man does that roast pig smell good. Please Cats win soon.

Cats forever!

Very Freudian. ROTFL

Are you on a hunger strike or smoking something funny?

You know... this is very quickly becoming Joke of the Year.... and a very good thread... keep it coming.

'hunger strike' by temple of the dog ( pearljam with chris cornell ) ....good song.

Day 5, all too quiet. Some kind of insulin coma maybe.

Day 5
I woke up to palm trees swaying and a mouth full of sand. It appears that I tried to eat a sand castle. I have no idea how I got here. My vision quest lasted all night. All I can remember is swimming in a pool of Spamonti Bambino from the 1986 Grey Cup, while Ken Hobart and Mike Kerrigan dangled Pizza Pops from fishing poles just out of my reach.

Young men are running around the beach wearing green football sweaters with the name Chang across the back. Each pass they make is a 70 yard bomb for a touchdown. Hey wait a minute those fellas all look the's....
"He's good isn't he," An old gentlemen smiles. "Here you better have this."

"A paper bag?" I shrug.

"They used to wear these when I owned the Leafs. I've put a curse on this team. The Ticats won't win until Timmy Chang starts. Muwwwahahahah!"

I wake up on my living room coach. Soaked in my own bodily fluids and Hawaian Tropic Coco Butter. Man what a nightmare this Hunger Strike is.

Cats forever.

I hope this thread gets printed out and posted in the room, for the Ticat to peruse. Friday night is now a life-or-death situation.

Day 6
Can't move... shallow breathing...please win tomorrow...please...
Cats Forever!

I'm basting my ribs. Not the ones that are sunken into my chest.

I'm setting the's so close...