Hunger Strike

Instead of boycotting. I'm going on a hunger strike. I will show up to each game. No pizza, no beer, not even gum. I'm starting now. I will even cheer. Heck I have to eat!

I currently weigh 235, on the flabby side. If the Cats win. I'll eat. If not I'll begin to shrink. Please check with your doctor before you undertake any such program of contempt and anger. If Ghandhi can make a change so can I.

Go Cats!

Day 1
Very tired. Belly aching.

Here's to a long losing streak.

Thin the heard.

Great the troll makes us WISH for an 0-18 season.. now what??

Day 1 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
Please win. I'm starting to see a white light.

Keep staring at it.

quit yer belly aching and you will be fine.

Try going on the Tabby Diet. Rather than hunger strike, keep eating. By the 3rd or 4th quarter, you will likely get the urge to spew, hack, ralph, vomit, upchuck, blow chunks, yack, talk to ralph on the big white phone, etc. At least you will have gotten some nutrients from the food. You will watch you waistline slowly melt away by game 18. I lost 50lbs on the diet last year.

Now that's funny! :lol:

-----> To the esteemed hunger striker:

Can I come and clean out your frig and freezer then?....I like free food :lol:

mikey, that's the funniest thing you have ever posted.

ha this guy is going to starve he wont eat for atleast 2 weeks because they certainly wont beat winnipeg next week!

I have my moments.... :wink:

....but speaking of funny, I seriously peeing myself laughing at some of the b.iatch fighting that's going on in these threads right's better than a comedy club.....some of the smack talk is unbelievably hilarious....( please don't tell me we sounded like that when the website first started in Year One....I'm glad our old posts are gone if :oops:

I must be getting old because I just don't get too upset anymore after we lose....but I do enjoy all the entertaining posts....hahaha :lol:

being a survivor of the 1-17 team i can take anything.
but i like food way too much sorry.i wouldn't want my gut to start growling at think the people who post here get mad..,you ain't see nothing!

Do a Wikipedia search on Bobby Sands. He took his hunger strike to the extreme. His stand was political, which is slightly more important than football. *I'm eating chili in your honor!

Day 2. I've lost a half pound. I'm seeing double and hallucinating. Am I dreaming? Is that really Maas' arm in a bun lathered in mustard and onions? mmmm Maas Dog......

There is no hope in sight. Coach T tried to kill Coach B last night. I hope that fighting spirit carries over to the next game.

I need to eat. The keys on my keyboard are looking mighty tasty. I can only hope my hunger strike is motivating the Cats. I have received many cards and well wishes from fans and players a like. Al Bruno came to visit today. We cried like babies. To better times.

Go Cats

Disclaimer: Hunger strikes are dangerous please check with your medical practitioner before you begin the "Hungry for a Cats Victory Hunger Strike".

Day 3, breakfast time, but no update. Should we be calling an ambulance? Or at least ordering a pizza?

No! No pizza! Not yet!

Be ready to feast after friday night.

After we win, the cold hot dogs will be like a delicacy.

Ok, it's day 3, approaching suppertime, I'm getting seriously worried. What if that Al Bruno hallucination suggested they take a stroll from Port Dalhousie to Toronto, as the crow flies? What if that Maas dog turns out to be a trick by some Jerry's Alley types?

8) The big question is, exactly how many pounds have you now lost ????? Hang in there budddy, I've got faith in you and your endeavour !!!!! Good luck !!!! :roll: