Hughie for Commish ... ?

First off I didn't hear or read this anywhere ... it's just my idea ...

Second off I've never really liked Hugh Campbell, because I'm a Stamps fan, BUT he did do a great job running the 'Shmoes. And if you listen to the eskimo fans (and they might ACTUALLY be right here!) he helped the League get through its worst times, in the mid-90s.

Now, he's retired from his position, and I don't think he has any significant involvement in the Eskimos anymore. During a speech of his (his retirement speech, I think), he blasted the Board of Governors/Idiots/Clowns for dropping Tom Wright.

This man definitely has the respect of the BoG/I/C. He definitely understands the CFL. He definitely knows how to run things not only properly, but exceptionally well. And he may not even be afraid to do a few underhanded things to gain an edge (Stamps fans have been arguing for years that he waters down Edmonton's field before playoff games ... )

I think he would be a GREAT choice to run the CFL. And, it's a little convenient (but probably not worth reading into) that he retired when he did - after knowing Wright wasn't coming back.

He's getting old and has done absolutely nothing for the past few years with the Eskimos. He was vacationing in Iowa when the Esks were playing their labour day game this year! He obviously has other priorities than football now(vacationing and such), so I highly doubt we'll see him as commisioner.

Everything you state is true, but, only he can answer the question.....Is he interested in the job at all?

Not a bad idea Canuckev. You make some valid points. As much as I hate to admit it a group of us here talked about that same idea and we all thought it would probably work.

Afterall, for the many times I joked and called him Commisioner Campbell in the past, why not officially give him the title now!

While Hughie has been good for the CFl, I think he just wants to take it easy and enjoy life now.
Former HNIC TV guru John Shannon is reported to be on or near the top of the list to be Tom Wright’s successor. He has a lot of contacts on both sides of the border in the TV industry.

A TV guy ... that would probably be good. Where do you hear these sorts of things from? I suspect I'll have never heard of whoever they do pick ...

Well, I don't know about Hughie. But this Shannon fellow sounds good with his positon and contacts he would have, indeed very good, as long as he knows how to reach compromises with the varied individuals involved with operating the CFL teams. Not an easy task as we all know.