Hugh stepping down!

Surprized to hear that Hugh stepped down today, but with all that happened this year, new blood has to be brought in to stop the bleeding! Wonder who will replace him?

Something tells me that it might be Ron Lancaster I hope im wrong he brings losing to everytown he visits.

How about a guy who was originally brought Edmonton to be groomed a Campbells replacement, then ended up coaching and wound up in Calgary. Any idea who that might be? Actually, don't look for any blockbuster announcement soon but also don't be surprised if joe Pao Pao surfaces as Offensive coordinator.

Totally off subject, ru a Rocker?

Lancaster won't come back here..

if anything it's going to be danny Mac.

and Lancaster isn't associated with Losing... he won when he was in Edmonton, didn't he?

Yeah. Ron Lancaster. Loser!
Two Grey Cup rings as a player, 2 as a coach, the winningest coach in Edmonton Eskimo history, but he is a definate loser.

Anyway, We already know who gets Hugh Campbell's job, Rick LeLacheur. The changes will be below him.
I don't see Lancaster leaving the Ti-cat organization.
his home is in Ancaster, and he likes it there, and he is essentially retired.
They will pick a young guy to groom, either promoting from within, or cherry picking the league.
I do not think there will be significant changes on the coaching staff.
Head coaches pick their own assistants, but there is perhaps pressure to hire an offensive coord., just like there was on Danny Barret after his second year. Campbell Jr., will only be replaced if Dancin' Danny wants to, though the perception that he is only there because of daddy, may factor in.

But that is about it. Largely staus quo in 'Smo town.
They missed the play-offs and the sky didn't fall.