Hugh Charles?

Charles has been released by Edmonton.
I sure could see his mix of skills in Montreal.
A real professional and a good all purpose back.

Agreed. With the injury to Sutton and Whitaker on the limp, we lose nothing by bringing in Charles as a six-game stopgap.

He's always reminded me of Whitaker actually. Maybe not as "hard" perhaps.

Ce qu'on oublie parfois de Charles, c'est qu'il a aussi de bonnes mains et court ses tracés de passe de façon intelligente. Il n'est pas le meilleur bloqueur du monde, cependant.

Mais dans la situation des Alouettes concernant leurs demis, je crois qu'il serait une alternative intéressante pour donner un peu de profondeur à l'équipe. Mais peut-être que les Alouettes préfèrent des gars qui ne coûtent pas cher, comme Lumbala, Godhigh ou Rutley. Charles est un vétéran, je crois.

Edmonton Sun saying he was released because he was "blocking-challenged".

Well, they moved Rutley to the practice roster and Whitaker seems to have been cleared for the season opener. Let's hope all goes well!

I wouldn't touch him. If the Als can't find an import RB with all the money that teams spends on scouting, the whole lot should be fired.

Il retourne à Regina.

Riders have 2 rookies trying to replace Sheets and they put Charles on the practice roster probably as a safety valve should they not work out.

I am anxious to see if Whitaker can stay healthy, lots of issues the last couple of years.