Hugh Charles

I certainly like the Offensive play action on what I've seen so far with Hugh Charles. Great hands twice if I'm not mistaken with Joseph in at QB. Crandell has shown good game plans for both Jyles/Joseph when they are in the game for what ever given reasons.
Hugh Charles - 257 yards on the ground with a 4.7 yards average [2 TD's]
Stats receiving - 229 yards with 22.9 average [1 TD]
Jyles will get the nod to start in Winnipeg - sooner or later Fred Stamps will shine too I say.

I hope Fred isn’t hurt, he’s had drops before but this time it seemed different.

From Jason Gregor; Matty Bertrand has been 9 gamed - Groin injury. I noticed Pascal Fils is on the 9 game list as well [untill September 27th]; however I can’t find anything in write-ups that Fils has any serious injury problems. Bertrand and Fils are both non Imports; so thus [perhaps?] Fils is being protected being on the 9 game as opposed to the PR. Harrington is on the PR; however Evan is an Import which will change the ratio if called upon. Injuries ugh…

And now a month later from my last post; Charles is not going anywhere - big time role player in the Eskie offense, great hands in the screen/flat.. Boyd will pick up the slack in due time is a given, thus McCarty is also in for the long haul....Bertrand will be back however - big asset on special teams. Messam; trade him :cowboy: for something.

The apple cart got all out of wack when Boyd/Messam hit town in Edmonton. Time to get a few Oranges back in the run game, thus one of these two RB's must get into the flow of things - Cory Boyd is the one. Messam at FB helping out at the line of scrimmage is where I feel the need is/has to happen. As for Charles; no complaints.

Cory Boyd getting into the flow of things didn't work out, thus after his release opended the door for Charles to get his game into gear - 161 yards [9 via pass] was great to see. Bertrand is due back soon - huge player on Special teams coverage.

As soon as Tillman found out Messam was coming back, he should've made a decision between Boyd and Messam instead of trying to create a three-headed monster in the backfield. The run game lost a month because of that stupidity. Suddenly the coaches decided to go back to Charles and Boyd is eventually released, and the run game improves. Hmm... :roll:

Is there a problem at FB? Bertrand is due back; if not in the B.C. game, but more than likely at Montreal. Also there is talk FB Darcy Brown is making strides to return; cool. In the off season perhaps a Messam trade of sorts..ect.

Cory Boyd is back in Edmonton; Charles suffered an injury in the Lions game last night.

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Not confirmed as of yet, may as well be; Charles knee is very sore, how serious is the issue.