Hugh Charles

So what do we get as a conditional draft choice in 2013 or 2014? I think we get this pick in 2014 but not 100% sure.

Hugh has dressed in all of the 4-5 regular season games since we traded him. He returned some kicks and has gradually been figuring into the offense. Now that Messam is out he'll figure even bigger.

Wonder how this is being merely the number of games he was on active roster or does it include actual yargade and output.

I think early on I was thinking we'd get a 4th or 5th round pick. I think as it stands now we should be getting a 3rd round pick? I can't see how this trade would ever have offered a 2nd round pick? Put it this way, the Esks are bloody lucky to have Charles in the lineup given what happened to Messam. I hope we get compesnated accordingly.

Anyone else care to take a wild guess? It's kind of moot because we have to wait 3 drafts anyway? Taman likes to trade away draft choices so maybe we see a body sooner than we think. I think it is wise to try to accumulate extra draft choices and have the leverage to trade themaway if you get the right offer.

AND, how about Henry announcing, barely 24 hours after they lost that if he ain't the starter he's out. He needs to give his head a shake when he announces he's one of the best starters in the league right now. That explains why Tate finished off the year! Henry, Henry, Henry.

I think Charles is overrated. He didn't play in Sask because he is a poor blocker. He wasn't a good asset and Cates and West could block.

Charles had some good ability yes but he did have limitations and they were exposed which explains his absence

I agree with you. When Charles has open space he looks really good. But what running back doesn't? He isn't a power guy at all and he'll face a huge test against a stingy BC front 7.

All I am asking is can we expect a 3rd round pick out of this. I sure hope its not a 5th? I think under the circumstances it has to be a 3rd or 4th?