Hugh Charles traded to Edmonton

Hugh Charles traded to Edmonton for 2014 draft pick.

What in the living hell Taman? Such a bad move.

Pessimist view: Scorched Earth Policy. Taman knows he is dead and is doing as much damage as possible before he gets canned.

Optimist view: Building for the future. Charles is a talented back, but is a poor blocker and misses blitz pick up assignments, which is why Cates is still the starter.

My actual opinion: I wonder if Charles said something in the locker room that turned him into (another) scapegoat along the lines of Kornegay. Taman is too stupid to deliberately do the "scorched earth" thing. In fact, if he tried to do so, it might actually be an improvement over his usual performance. I'm not sure about giving up Charles' skillset, and I think he could be taught to block better. I don't like it, but this isn't a move that will kill the team.

At least get something for him. a 2014 pick is nothing!!

I wonder what the conditions are on the draft pick, if we can get a first or second rounder for him, then not a terrible trade. We have a lot of RB's, although I like Charles the best for running the ball, just couldn't block which is key for a team with no O-line. Brandon West is going to be a good back maybe with some time. Cates is done I think. He has lost a step or ten these last couple years, and the coaches either don't see it, or just like him for his blocking. We need to find another RB or 3 to bring to camp next year to test out.

Maybe they are clearing up cap space for a big trade.

Maybe get Stevie Baggs back? Or a stud DB? I'd be happy with that then! Sad to Charles go though no matter what!

I can understand a trade, just doesnt seemlike they got much. They needed to move 1-2 RBs

Hugh Charles was not happy and has basically said there is no chance of him coming back next year. Better to get something. Plus I don't think he will gain much more than 1000 yds in his total career. In other words I don't think he will ever start consistently for anyone, ever.

Hmm....naa, I 'd rather go with the Taman bashing instead. Not that I don't believe you, it's just I'd rather continue to blame Taman for everything. :smiley: :lol:

Fair enough haha

Well I'm shocked! What the hell is going on with this team? let's see keep Cates cause he can block but not but release Charles cause he can't block but can run. :roll:

If this is the start of them blowing up the team, I can't imagine what this brain trust (sarcastic) will do next? :x

He was never given a chance here and when they did use him he scored TDs. Yep get rid of that guy :thdn: :thdn:

The new gameplan is to bore the other team into submission. Scoring TDs is so 2010.

Good one. :lol: :lol:

As I posted in another thread, and others have also commented the same opinion in this thread, the facts are ....

Ergo, we didn't get much, we got what was available on trading's last day. FFS isn't there any common sense on this forum?

You just said many commented the same as you in this thread then questioned the common sense on this forum, so are you thereby stating that you have no common sense, because if people state the same thing as you, yet haven’t any, that would imply you don’t either.

coming onto a thread and essentially saying that you agreed with a lot of the sentiment and then turning around in your next sentence and questioning common sense of the same people you just agreed with is just…well…moronic.

RBs are easy to replace. There are tons of them out there. No biggie.

The grain dust has gotten to some peoples' heads. The lost hope o making the play offs is a reality. I get a little tired of these "band wagon" fans who have start riding the wave of successful seasons. What about all those lean years when so many of us cheered our team. Heck even Winnipeg can fill their stands -at times -when their team is winning.

But we have proven our tenacity by keeping our team alive while bigger markets and budgets competed with us. So quit being stupid just because we didn't make it this year.

The proudest I ever was as a Rider fan was when we didn't make it to the Grey Cup but in spite of massive injuries our team competed very well.

So Charles had to go..NO BIG SURPRISE ! I think it was a possible mistake in not trading Fantuz..TheNFL curse for returning players is real. You don't build a team by sticking with sentimental favorites.

I read the comments on other threads recommending getting rid of Richie and Darian. All sentimentality aside, our defense held the ESKs to 17 points in spite of a fruitless offence...DD played with a broken foot and a was dropped pass or two away from making it closer. friend....ON THAT YOU BUILD A TEAM.
I see only two essential releases ....Taman....and Goodspeed....others will likely follow anyway...BUT Taman needs to be TOAST!!

If Andy does indeed try out for the NFL then not trading is a mistake. If he chooses to re-sign then not trading was great. They are likely hoping they can ink him. If he ends up leaving everyong will call Tanam an arse for not getting something, but what if he stays and returns to formal glory next season...what will people say of the no trade and Tanam then?

Easy to replace, but not with good ones. West has not impressed and Cates should have been gone 2 rys go. Charles never was given a chance, no wonder he would not sign again with Riders.