Hugh Charles needs a chance

Don't you think Hugh Charles needs a chance to show his stuff? He has a lot of speed and is a serious swing threat. Can someone explain the numbers game to me that he seems to be caught up in? Can we not get around the numbers game in some way to give us that 1-2 punch of Charles and Cates? How much more effective would that make our recievers or when Durant runs?

cause Cates is a power runner, can get through the middle and bust yards.
Charles is a speed runner, his special area is the outside lane! get him a free lane and he'll get you 10 immediately

you need more of a Power runner than a lane specialist.

Hugh Charles will get his chance but right now it is a ratio thing keeping him out of the lineup. If Wayne Smith hadn't been injured I think Hugh would have been playing full time this year.

What he said. We all know that Charles has talent and that's the reason he's been on the 46 but not the 42 as another team might snatch him up.

To put Charles on the 42 man roster, you have to take an import off. Who should that be?

Kit? Stewart? For D, that's fine, but they both play a lot of teams.

Yea, that American punter thing is really causing this team to miss out on what would be a great offensive addition. We seen it in the B.C. game at the beginning of the season. Charles just brings a differnet dimension, and added to Cates' contributions, that would cause a lot of headaches for the opposing Defensive co-ordinator, IMO. Job 1 for Taman should be to find a Canadian who can punt. Are they really that hard to find? I would thing most CIS guys can average 40 - 45 yards a punt don't they?

No, CIS punters are, on the whole, awful.

You don't need to find a NI punter, you just need to find another NI LB/DL who can be a roster player that's more than just a paperweight. I gotta think that's easier than finding a NI punter.

There is no room on the game day roster for some good imports like Joel Bell and Hugh Charles. Wes Cates is having a great year and when and if he is injured (which is likely to happen with running backs) Charles will get his chance. He is Cates heir and will all heirs, they must be patient and remember that the team comes first and not ones ego.

If the Riders were loosing and the offence was struggling, then this debate about Hugh Charles and his playing time may be more worthwhile but I have issues with those who want to tinker with a machine that is running quite well right now.

Charles will get his chance. there will be a game that his talent will be necessary against.

just wait and see! 8)