Hugh Charles among cuts

Multi dimentional RB Hugh Charles could be signed before midnight somewhere. A few teams looking for starting or a second RB with hybrid skills.

Yes...very surprised t Charles being cut.
He'll be a good pick-up I would think. Montreal may be a spot.

With Sutton on the 6 GAME ir AND Whitakers health not clear Montreal fans may breathe a sigh of relier if they can sign him.
He could be an upgrade for several teams. Winnipeg. Hamilton as a back up second scat back behind gable also can return Kick offs. lamar injured Again, Tavoy Moore on very shaky ground. Coming full circle back to the Riders. Toronto also not looking comfortable with Kackerts replacemnent he can catch run and return but can he block in that offense.
Ottawa no clear back up to Walker.
He should be very busy

I think that Charles was viewed as a bit of a liability in the QB protection, not that he would be the sole contributor but the O-Line shouldn't take the whole blame for the sacks last year.

Interesting though. Could fit in wellwith Ottawa shceme looks to be using one or two TE as a big part of there offense takes a little more pressur off of the tailback to be relied on so heavily in pass protection since the FB has been removed and 5 wide became all the rage. TE/H-BaCKS are looking to become a trend