huges special teams tackles

I know there wasent mutch good on saturday but how many times did we see Neal huges make a tackle on a wide open run and slam there kick returner to the ground, Im sure there were 4, cant bring myself to watch the taped game, really liked the way he stepped up this year could have done better when Cates was out but bishop was not mutch for calling the run play.

I thought it was only twice.

But those hits were huge. Hughes is great! He is going to be a great star. Let's keep him around.

i think there was two big hits and two sweet tackles I hope huges stays around

Hughes is definately a top notch performer.

I'm a way bigger fan of Hughes than Szarka - Neal is more of a powerhouse IMO.

This guy will really make a mark in the CFL.

I hope Szarka retires this year. Hughes is ready to be a starter. He can do really everything Szarka does well and has better hands and can really fight for yards and break tackles well.