Boy, given this is only week 4, what a huge game tonight hey. Almost a season definer for both squads. It could set the stage for Winnipeg with a win to move on with confidence. Winning with their injuries will speak volumes. A loss puts them two behind Toronto which seems incomprehensible.Edmonton, if they go 0-4, will be in total chaos with massive changes almost forced upon them. A win for them is necessary to salvage things. Biiiiig game. Almost feels like playoffs.

Totally agree Flag that this game is huge for both clubs. All I know is we get the Lions comming in next week and a loss in that game will beef up the anti in the EE empire. The same goes for Winnipeg as they get Calgary at McMahon.

Another loss could finally spell the end of DM in Edmonton.

Wonder who will replace him ???

I have only heard rumbling of one name so far, and it rhymes with Derrick Spillman.