The ratings are in and like we anticipated, one of the games drew hockey like numbers. While, the East Semi did OK under the circumstance.
Here is the top 6, plus bonus.

  1. Hockey, CBC Leafs-Habs @ 1.938M
  2. CFL, West Semi Esks-Stamps @ 1.264M (up 20% from last year Esks-Riders)
  3. Hockey, TSN Leafs-Sabres @ 1.008M
  4. Hockey, CBC Avs-Flames @ 967,000
  5. CFL,East Semi Riders-Als @ 698,000 (down 20% from last year Ticats-Argos)
  6. NFL, TSN Browns-Steelers @ 375,000 (no account for taste on late Sunday)
    LAST IN JOKE CATEGORY: NBA,Jazz- Craptors Friday Score @ 62,000
    NBA, Wolves-Nuggets Sunday,Score@27,000
    On a more serious note, this weekend big games should produce even better then the West semi and I would predict each at 1.5M and higher.

im not too surprised at the east final's numbers.....the Riders don't draw well in the east.

they draw the lowest attendance over here, and lowest ratings here....i think most easterners EXPECTED montreal to win, and most thought the battle of alberta would go down to the wire.

thanks again, argotom.

good article about the argos east final:

[url=] ... 7-sun.html[/url]

The biggest Argos game in years could draw one of the biggest crowds in the history of the franchise.

The Argos are hoping for 45,000 to 50,000 fans for Sunday's Eastern final against the Montreal Alouettes at the Rogers Centre.

The team already has removed some banners in the 100 level closest to the field, which communications director Beth Waldman said could amount to some 1,600 seats. The team also is putting in a couple hundred seats in a tented area in one end zone, similar to what the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have done.

Depending on the ticket demand, the Argos may remove the banners honouring the team's greatest players in the upper levels. The banners were added this year to create more of an ambience.

In their final home game this year, the Argos attracted 40,085 fans, the largest gathering for an Argo regular-season game since Oct. 28, 1990.

The biggest turnout for a game at the team's current location, formerly the SkyDome, came in Nov. 17, 1991 against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the East final. It attracted 50,380, who saw the Argos win en route to going to a Grey Cup victory.

The last time the Argos played host to a division final happened in 1997 and it produced a turnout of 32,035. The Argos beat the Als 37-30.

The Argos are expected to formally announce tomorrow they will play host to the 2007 Grey Cup.

You are correct DG, on top of which the game was not CFL type exciting and was over by halftime. Of course, the match ups this week are awesome. Unfortunately, I have been trying to secure but have so far been unable to get RDS numbers for the East Semi and one has to figure at least another 200,000 viewers. If so, all of a sudden we are getting close to 1M. Not bad.

I watched in the US.

that’s real disappointing for the EAST, but whatever, I don’t know why people don’t find a game with a CO team interesting. Heck, I watched that OVER the Battle of Alberta. oh well.



guys, support the raptors, they are cool, although I’m disturbed by their chage in color, I love purple.

those are great numbers...............I'm going to guess that a Ottawa vs Montreal would have drawn a better crowd.................just with all the Ottawa fans making the trip..............and thats why Kanga........I don't like the cross over...................I doubt it would happen but hate to see a crossover team make it all the way to the finals......................

ah, you guys, watch the game anyway, how many times does a team CO? not many in my book.

It's much better football than if it were Ottawa vs. Montreal, you don't believe me? rewatch the last Ottawa/Montreal game.

the CO was much cooler than the battle of Alberta, and the Montreal game drew MORE people to their stadium than Calgary.

I don't know Kanga.............just feels like sneaking into the playoffs............and it would have been a bettter crowd if it had been Ren's in it

who would want to watch Ottawa get beat? except the fact it would be the frist time for Ottawa to be in the playoffs, not much intrerest.

the Riders did hav a shot, be it not a very good one, but they have a better chace at winning than Ottawa.

That is what the CO all abou, That is one of the reasons why I love it.

just sneaking in, yeah, but that happens in other leagues as well, with no CO. ever hear of the NHL?
a team can sneek in with more OTL points than a team with more wins but less points.

ONCE again .......argotom...........THANKS............CAN YOU IMAGINE THE EAST and WEST FINAL , numbers this year?

2 million , ain't out of the ?

Hey KK, yes the East semi did outdraw the West (and I wish that the West had sold out, and I think it should have) but the East semi was indoors ... people tend to be scared of the cold (which, to me, is a lame excuse).
However, considering that it's Montreal, I think they should have sold way more than "just" 31,000 tickets.
My guess would be that the RDS numbers push the ratings over 1M for the East Semi ...
I would hate to see two teams from the same division playing in the Grey Cup game ... fortunately, crossover teams are still batting oh-fer. But I do think an Ott-Mtl game would've drawn a bit better, even if it would've been more of a blowout.

Yeah, Montreal should have had a least 40,000+ no matter who is playing.

Canuckey, why would you hate to see that, it would be much better than that worst GC in history that occurred in 1995.

If the CO lives in, and it likely will, one day there will be a all division GC, but it would be so rare that for every all D GC there is, there would be at least many more East/West GCs. There has already been at least 90+ of them already and there will be another 90+ in the future with the CO.

CO keeps the riffraff out of the POs, that is what it does.

Lets not forget that these are CBC's number. The Riders @ Als game was also presented on RDS, and I'd guess most French Quebecers watched it there. We should combine both audiences.

That would also explain the 20 % drop. Last year, the semi-final game was presented on CBC only, so 100 % of viewers watched it there.

I doubt the eastern game numbers would beat the western ones, but I'm pretty certain it busted the 1 million viewers.

why are the ratings from RDS not counted....any one know?

Good points- Third and Ten. K-K, I would love to see an eastern team cross-over to the west and a Grey Cup with two eastern teams, for a change. I don't think you would like it if it was at the expese of the Blue Bombers. Had it not been for the cross over rule, the Renegades would've been in the playoffs two times already. SO, it all depends on your perspective. : :?

They are, but they are separated from CBC's. Would you have the list of the 50 TV shows with the highest rating, you'd probably find RDS numbers eventually. The numbers are not counted by event, but by networks and time of programming. That's because they exist for the sake of buying advertising. Not for bragging!

If the numbers of RDS and CBC were counted together, advertisers would see that 1 000 000 people (fake number) watched the game, but they wouldn't know how many of them really saw the ads they ran on CBC or on RDS alone. And they wouldn't be able to evaluate if the cash they spent on it was worth it.

thank you!

thank you!

and having Ottawa in the playoffs twice already ... could only have helped the franchise :frowning:
Anyway, what's done is done ...
The reason I wouldn't like the crossover IF teams played their division rivals 3x each, and the remaining 6 games against the other division (assuming 10 teams), is because you wouldn't necessarily "beat out" the team that lost a spot (due to crossover).
For an extreme example, pretend each team only played teams from its division. Would it be fair to use a crossover then? No, because the two teams in contention wouldn't have played each other.

Thanks for that fact 3nd, I could kiss you for that j/k

Had it been the Blue Bombers, I maybe a bit pissed, but I don't think it would make a difference, they would just have to do better next year (hm, that sounds familiar)

Wouldn't it be funny if Ottawa was the frist team in the East to CO to the West? and maybe win the GC in the West? :lol:

it would be fair with 2 games vs. 19 teams which is 18 games.

the only thing that can help Ottawa is good ownership, look at Houston, haven't made the Playoffs in the NFL yet, but you don't hear abou relocation talk there, cuz of good owners and a strong following.