Ah, pal.
With the new way of compiling TV ratings, the Raptors numbers are actually quite pitiful.
In fact they were beaten by figure skating.
Of the top 20, I think they were 17th
And considering the game was shown nationally on CBC, 287,000 is pathetic.
HNIC did almost 2 million as a comparison.
This just proves my point that the Tranna Raptors, Blue Jays and FC are pathetic
replacements for the CFL.

baskettball just is not popular in Canada, when i lived in B.C. i knew the grizzlies would not last, its a hockey and Football country

What these low numbers say is that we are dealing with a niche sport that basically has some negligible value only in the area the team is playing.
Ultimately, there is virtually no outside or country wide interest.
However and because it is American, networks like TSN, Sportsnet and every other media in Toronto act like slobbering idiots and go over the top with coverage not worthy.

The failure of basketball and the other Toronto teams to draw TV ratings even close to what the CFL gets
will serve the CFL well.
Then again why CBC would think anybody outside Toronto would care about their teams is beyond me?

And therein lies the rub, no one does care but the media tries to force feed the masses when some suits sitting in Toronto have a totally warped view on Canada.
No wonder and rightfully so everyone outside hates Toronto and the masses with their American wannabe buts stuck right up you know where to all American sports at the expense of what really matters, like CFL football and the few pieces of Canadiana left in our country, like the Grey Cup.

It might seem odd that more people watched the NFL pregame show (510,000) than the actual NFL game on Sunday night. But this is likely a result of the hangover of CFL fans who didn't change the channel (like the other 1.5 million football fans did) after the Riders/Stamps game ended.

The Laval/Queens CIS football game drew almost as many viewers as all the late NFL games combined on City-TV/CBS/Fox channels across Canada. :thup:

It's funny that Houston suggests the surge in CFL ratings is due to the new rating system, "which has boosted the ratings for all sports", but the NFL still seems stuck in the 200,000 range?

Yes he is part of that Toronto media that I suggest rarely gives credit when credit is due, but rarely will say anything negative against the American sports.

Imagine what the CFL would be once the Toronto media takes its head out of its collective rear end? I'm assuming it will eventually happen.

The massive failure of these Buffalo Bills games. The failure of the NBA to draw any intererst. And the flagging state of baseball will finally wake up the same old same olds in the Tranna media to the fact that maybe we just don't care about what happens down south of the border like they were telling us we did.

I mean just last year Stephen Brunt, Dave Naylor, DAve Perkins and Steve Simmons wrote that those Buffalo Bills games at the Skydome would sellout at any price. And Brunt had already written the CFL's obiturary.

But alas, the CFL is still around. TV ratings and fan interest is going thorugh the roof. And the Buffalo Bills series has been a disaster.
What I find more amazing is how guys like Brunt keep their jobs after being so wrong?

You have to remember Toronto is in a black hole in the football world, no one knows how to make the Argos a winner now without Damon Allen and no one knows how to position the Argos between the behemoths of Rogers Corp and MLSE and no one knows where they should play in what stadium. And no one knows what's going on with this Bills thing and where they should play etc.

It's about as much of a mess as one could imagine and Cohon is right, he needs to figure out the Argos ownership situation if it can be figured out.

It's a very confusing situation even for us die hard Canadian football fans. But I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you have to think even the die hard "NFL only counts" fans like Phil Lind would want to see their fine city with a team that can claim Lord Grey's mug and be champs of Canada and have the bragging rights go with it and see a Toronto team make money and be successful and maybe even be the envy of teams in the CFL. I know that's a huge stretch and science fiction at this point but who knows, a man has landed on the moon apparently. :wink:

Yes berezin the winds are a changing.
However in living in Toronto and facing this all my life, I can tell you it's an uphill fight.
As for Brunt and the rest, you and I have written about their anti CFL rants.

Toronto is not a bad CFL town.
When you can get 26,000 fans a game for a laughing stock of a team is nothing to sneeze at.
Trouble is most of the media just loves the NFL.
And they make it bigger then it really is.
And why MLSE or Rogers ignore the ARgos is obvious.
But if you ask me, if i had the dough, the CFL is where I'd invest my money.
For one tenth the cost, you get five times the bang for your buck then basketball or baseball
will ever give you.

Wow... Nevermind. I see anything I say just goes in one hear and out the other. I apologize for interrupting your circle jerk. Please continue. :wink:

Gee Chief.
Maybe nobody is interested in what you have to say?
i only respond to people who make sense.

All I'm saying is berezin and others is don't count Toronto out as a big CFL city if the Argos get figured out and into a BMO type stadium or BMO itself. And if the Bills don't come or another NFL team and that certainly seems to be the situation. You have to think Toronto wants to own Canada and the only pro league that is run by Canadians for Canadians and is all Canadian with a nice touch of Americanism with the imports. You have to think a lot are embarrased in Toronto that they can't seem to make it work, seem being the operative word. And as noted, the Argos are drawing but they are in the wrong stadium which is the perceptual problem that there is "no excitement" for football even though they outdraw the more "exciting" TFC team in soccer.

No, you only respond to people who agree with you, hence my comment. :wink:

You do have a chip on your shoulder chief.

Agreed, but just goes to show those suits aren't always that bright.

But I do agree. There is hope in Toronto. People still go to games even with that awful/management. They need solid ownership and that will help with the changes.

Also like Earl has pointed out, baseball is truly a dying sport in this country. A lot of those old reporters are baseball fans and grew up with baseball at a time where it was popular. In a little time these guys will likely retire or there will be newer blood so to speak.

Lastly a lot of the demographic group that aren't maybe as big of CFL fans (mid 20s early 30s) were lost in a generation gap because the CFL had a lot of issues. But the league is now strong, so the that demographic group in 5-10 years will be just as strong as all the other ones.

geroy, it’s not that I don’t like baseball, I do, I played it a lot over the years and it’s fun and I do tune into the odd baseball game here and there during the summer and fall. But Canada just never got on the roll to make baseball a spectator sport along the lines of the Canadian football at stadiums in Canada other than the Expos when they did exist and the Blue Jays. I guess there are a number of reasons for that, one being A, AA and AAA and other leagues that exist in Canada apart from the Blue Jays get no exposure on Canadian television and don’t play for any common championship or trophy so the momementum just couldn’t be sustained. Also university baseball doesn’t get the television exposure of university football and basketball.