Well we have hit the 2M mark as officially the West final has gone into the stratosphere and the numbers are basically equal to HNIC. For both the East and West.
Now what the article does not mention is how the RDS numbers would have brought in for sure 1M+. If some of the posters in Quebec know, please provide us with the accurate count.
With the Als and the Riders in the GC, I would venture a guess how the combined RDS and TSN could exceed 5M+.
If the CTV network was involved, heck even 6M may be reachable.
Some of us keep saying how TSN if they were smart would immediately wrip up the current contract and sign the league long term starting at $50M per year.

I still cant get over the fact that the citizens in Ottawa can elect such imbecile liars to council.

Having said that, these numbers are terrific!!!

The CFL is definitely on the upswing, cant wait for Grey Cup.

Edit: I didn't know figure skating was so popular in Canada!

Also should be mentioning TSN is going to have unprecedented coverage of the Grey Cup this year. I guess ESPN can wait for at least one Sunday :thup:

Great numbers. Do they break the numbers down by region. I'd be curious to know how many viewers the GTA had.

I'm sure the numbers were pretty substantial. Most of the sports fans I know (largely not big CFL fans first and foremost) caught at least some of the games.

As for the ratings with RDS numbers...

SSK-CGY - 2 million TSN + 207,000 RDS = 2.2 million

MTL-BC - 1.35 million TSN + 547,000 RDS = 1.9 million

Incredible numbers.

Can any one explain to me why, with these great numbers, the advertising was so repetitive and in some cases low budget? :roll:

Hey, cflisthebest isn't bragging about the Riders getting the most viewers... :? Can someone in Edmonton go knock on his door and make sure he's still alive?

I think he's huddled in his room trying to figure out how to either (a) take credit for it or (b) explain that he predicted it in the face of derision from all quarters.

With any luck, an answer won't be found until about next Tuesday.

He's still hungover, check the thread tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it's great #'s..

the Grey Cup could break the record!


please check that cflisthebest hasn't had his account hacked.

Somebody else seems to be using his account.

Great for the CFL for sure, and since the Riders are in the big game expect great TV numbers for next Sunday!! would not suprise me if its another record, as i said the numbers would be high last Sunday!

Isn't the Grey Cup practically guaranteed to break the record because of the new system for measuring the audience?

Yeah, I wonder if the euphoria isn't just a little bit misguided. Would have been nice had Nielson, or whoever provides these figures, would have had a few months of reporting old with the new so that one can get a sense of relativity between them.

I guess whatever this year's numbers are, it will become the measuring stick against which future years are compared since it will be the first one under the new system.

Agree how the new measuring system is higher for everything watched.
However, I do recall how the playoffs increased substantially under the old measurement and with the Finals garnering in excess of 1M.
This year though we had the X factor on both sides which I would suggest would have been greater in the old system as involving the Riders and the Als with the RDS presence.
The combination of these two teams means how a record in under both measurements will occur.

RDS 547,000

CBC's counter to the CFL playoffs was the Toronto Raptors basketball game.
Be still my heart!
And they came oh so close to topping the CFL ratings!
They were only 1.7 million viewers shy!
Which is why the CBC will come after the CFL with wallets blazing next TV deal.

No they won't - CBC has consistently demonstrated that they are unwilling to outspend CTV Globe Media (TSN) for sports programming, with the possible exception of HNIC. This is partially due to more limited funds, and partially to strategy by their current programming director, as she has opted to take the network in a direction towards original, somewhat more "female oriented" programming.

Curling, weekday hockey, CFL, Olympics -- the CBC has shown the flag on all of them. Not to mention that with the ratings drawn by the CFL, TSN will probably be willing to outbid any realistic CBC offer. With that being said, an unsuccessful attempt by the CBC would probably get the CFL more money from TSN.

I still think anyone who wants the CFL back on CBC is out of their minds in this day and age. The overall commitment and quality from TSN embarrases what CBC was able to do in recent years.

287,000 is actually pretty good for the Raptors. If I remember correctly, they used to average around 150,000 on most networks. And just because the CFL gets killer ratings doesn't mean all the networks are going to fall over themselves trying to get the games. Take The Score. If that network had to choose between CFL games and Raptors games, I'd wager they'd go with the Raptors games.

I get so sick of people putting down sports just because they get low ratings. Just because the ratings are lower than those of the CFL doesn't mean no one cares about those sports. What's funny, is Berezin rags on the Raptors for only getting 287,000, but I'd say that's actually pretty good for the Raptors considering the game was going up against the CFL playoffs.

If networks only carried the absolute most popular sports in this country, the only league we'd ever see are CFL and NHL. Personally, I'm glad there are networks out there that ignore the "Give me CFL, or Give me Death" idiots and broadcast other leagues. Sports would be pretty damn boring in this country if all we ever saw were CFL and NHL games. :roll: