huge ratings for edm/sask game

The ratings according to BBM for the Edmonton Sask game was 1.13 million on TSN. I must say, I am surprised that even without a major broadcaster the CFL is still drawing huge numbers.

TSN isn't a major broadcaster? Are you waiting for OLN to pick up the games...? 8)

A network broadcaster is what I meant by a major your CBC, CTV or Global. TSN is great, but it is just a cable network. There are 3 million less potential viewers on TSN because it is on cable.

Amazing and again is a prime example how the previous Tom Wright administration undervalued the property and should have received double the value of $30M per year.

Not enough detail for my taste. How many of these 1.13 million were tuned in waiting for Bob Costas and his pre-game pals? Conversely, how many tuned out after the final whistle? Where were they watching?

1 -- the new rating system is broken
2 -- we'll take it ... considering we've been averaging 400k in previous years

How is it broken? And why was the old, lower numbers, way better? If it wasn't broken the old way why was it changed?

Argotom maybe some were tuned in to watch Bob Costas, but if they did tune in three hours before the start and watched the CFL game, why does that matter? They still watched the CFL.

I would think the numbers trailed off after the game ended and not increased. I would also think that the media would jump all over the big NFL numbers if that were the case. It wouldn't hurt to get a little more detail though wouldn't it?

Big numbers for 2 western teams on a Sunday afternoon game doesn't suprise me we still had to compete with the 1:00 start of the NFL games , I don't think Toronto gets what the CFL means to Western Canada.

You should complain about this every week. Maybe then it will change history and fix all of the problems in the world today, and end wars forevermore.

Keep it up Argotom.
You have a right to your opinion.
These people don't know what CFL fans have to indure in southern Ontario.
Where if you say you follow the CFL, you get looked at like you're from Pluto.
CFL is missing out on a huge marketing opporutninty if they can get their act together.
Screwing themselves on the TV deal was a big mistake.
The TV numbers just keep proving it, and I'm sure Cohon is smart enough to realize it.

I should put out that TSN is getting higher ratings with the CFL than the broadcasters are getting for the NFL, suggesting that it's not exactly doing much damage.

Interesting out of last week that Sunday Night Football made the list, but Monday Night Football didn't.
NFL wins opening weekend, but I can't see them being ahead when this weekend's ratings come out.

We'll have to see how the new system affects the HNIC ratings. They were usually in the 1M - 1.2M range. I assume the new rating system will almost double that, as it did with Football.

790k and the #29 spot for most watched TV program in Canada. CFL is on the move.

Thanks brother, you and I have to do our best to spread the CFL word here in Southern Ontario and try to convert the cool aid drinking No Fun League wanabee crowd.

Most people in Vancouver don't give a tinker's cuss about the CFL either, but that doesn't mean I come on a message board and whine about how poor of a deal Tom Wright put together.

Instead, I delight in the fact that the CFL numbers on TSN are as great as they are. The fact that they rival the NFL numbers, combined with the fact that the Bills can't sell tickets to their games in Toronto are all the comfort that I need from the big, bad, NFL. Personally, I don't see why I can't be a fan of both leagues.

Here's another way to think about it, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. When you compare our populations, we are per capita doing much better in the CFL than they are in the NFL. With roughly 1/10th of their population, we support an 8 team league - which we all hope will soon grow to 10. To keep the ratio the same, that would mean that the NFL needs 80 to 100 teams. I think it's a weird/weak argument, personally - but maybe it will help you sleep better at night in your Michael Bishop p-jays.

I'm proud to be a Canadian, but it doesn't mean that I have to fight against the NFL in order to wear the Maple Leaf (the red one, not that wimpy blue one).

Now, speaking of who is whining?
I for one will not apologize for being totally pro CFL and when necessary slagging the NFL when to me there is perceived inconsistencies, however unlike you I will not resort to calling out another poster. That is childish and requires growing up my friend.
No this does not make me insacure and yes you can still watch and love both leagues and that’s great.
Just like I can watch and report on the one league that this thread is all about. For those who love to discuss the NFL, there are many other venues available.

I think the problem in this area is there just aren't enough football fans.
Oh they'll say they're big NFL fans, and maybe they'll watch the odd game on Tv.
But thats about it.
I don't think many people in this area could tell you what a linebacker is, or even understand the game.
CFL has to do more of what its doing in Toronto by getting kids to actually play the game.
Once they play it, maybe they'll watch it as well.
Because right now it appears that football is losing a generation of fans in soutehrn Ontario.


Yes it's all about betting, the office pool and being in the chic crowd.
Very little as you say, if anything to do with the actual sport and being a student of the game like most of us here who love the game and have played it at one time.

Most people have played baseball, even girls, at recess wherever, it's an easy game to play (at a high level very difficult of course) and understand. I remember in grade school when it was nice out in the spring, we used to say to the teacher "come on teach, let's go out and play baseball", it was never football. That being said, once we get to high school when I went, you wanted to make the football team, that was cool for the chicks and that. There was no high school baseball team when I went. Hockey was in high schools but the community leagues were much bigger, same as now. Basketball not much except in high schools as well.

We have never really gotten into football like it is in the US here, it's all been basically about biding your time with football, track, baseball, basketball UNTIL the main sport started, hockey. Which is sad but the way it's been. Fortunately there was a pro presence with football early on in Canada or no CFL today and no stadiums. Certainly couldn't count on soccer for stadiums, somewhat with baseball but baseball was never big in universities here.

The thing is, football is looking good in Canada right now, look at these numbers for this game! Wow! We might be getting some new stadiums and overhaul of some.

The sports to watch are football with the CFL and NFL and college and soccer with Vancouver and Montreal set to join the MLS. Baseball is in trouble I think, Blue Jays could be in trouble and only one team, basketball big but Grizzlies demise didn't help and just one team. Hockey of course no. 1 and always will be. NFL mainly about gambling, yes, but at least it gets people watching football who might not otherwise. Football can be complicated with all the terms and different formations and that but people who are intelligent like the chess aspect of football, moreso than just about any other sport. I don't play chess but I still like it for that aspect. :wink:

  1. CFL, Eskimos at Roughriders, Sunday, TSN: 1,127,000

  2. NFL, Patriots at Jets, Sunday, CTV: 852,000

when i see this i can't help but wonder what the cfl numbers would be on ctv or other over the air broadcasters CBC, or Global

any guess?