Huge Game (Wpg@Tor)

This should be a great game, don't miss it. Argo fans get out and support your team, bring friends, make friends and bring them. This game deserves a HUGE crowd. Support has been pretty solid all season but for this game lets see 40,000 fans minimum...perhaps 45,000...oh heck just fill the place. Be loud, be enthustiac, have a blast, have no voice left when the game is over, be that extra player on the field.


Should be a good game no doubt.

Does anyone know how ticket sales are going? This battle for first and probably the right to host the Eastern Final needs to be well attended.

Did I hear correctly? Charles Roberts may miss the game?

Charlie is out and Pikula as well. Things are looking mighty good for the Argos!

All in all I would like to have seen Roberts play, but you're right, things are looking good against the 'Peg. Although I still think the Bombers have the upper hand in terms of the final weeks schedule. Would much rather be playing the Als then the Riders.

Robert Edwards is not Also Playin

No Roberts, Brown, Bush, Pikula, Charlton or Bolden. Should be a cake walk for the Argos. Should be like playing an exhibition team.Two easy point for double blue

You setting yourself up to look like a fool.

End of the 1st half WPG 4, TOR 8. Too many penalties on both sides, but the Argos gotta stop taking dumb penalties. Belli tossed and Bruce penalty after the play, not helping. Turn overs have also hurt in this game. A better second half needs to come from the Argos.