Huge game tonight

A win tonight puts the Esks in the playoffs. This team better show up. I said it before, this has been such an incredibly disappointing season, so it'd be nice to end it on a high note by making the playoffs.

The Bombers are decimated at QB, but the Esks better not take that for granted.

I'd have been tempted to say that your guys are peaking at just the right time, Chief.

But I'd have said the same thing early yesterday about Hamilton, and then they went out and got annihilated last night, so I guess I'll keep my yap shut.

Yeah, I don't want you jinxing the team. We have VoiceofReason for that. :smiley:

Win tonight and the Esks remain in control of their Destiny for the playoffs. If Esks lose and BC wins tomorrow, the Lions move into 3rd. Esks win and Lions lose, then the Esks clinch 3rd. Details aside, Damn right Chief, it's a huge game.

  1. The Esks need to play with swagger, confidence, win at all costs attitude while still maintaining discipline and focus.
  • I'll be watching for the overall tone that the players set.
  1. The Bombers are (shockingly) at the top of the league when it comes to sacks. The Esks have re-jigged the OLine. This battle more than anything will determine the outcome.
  • I'll be looking to see first if the OLine can hold off the Bomber D, and if not then secondly how the Esks make adjustments.
  1. The Esks D has started to show some signs of toughening up. However, they still demonstrated the ability to collapse (no way they should've let the Riders come back that much last week).
  • I'm looking to see the D make a statement.
  1. Finally, Special Teams need to play as error free as possible. Not so much because that will win the game (though it always can) but more because with a new(ish) kicker and returner they've got to start fine tuning for the playoffs.
  • I'll be watching to see if they take care of the details (accurate punts, ball handling, minimizing risk, etc)

Damn it, I keep messing up the playoff scenarios. :lol: I forgot that if BC wins tomorrow, they stay tied with us. Here's hoping the Riders crush them. :thup:

This will definitely be the biggest factor considering they ate us alive the last time we met. :? One of the worst starts to a game...

Well, the Esks did their part... Edmonton gets the win. Now it's on BC. Hopefully Sask will hammer the Lions tomorrow.

If we play next week like we did tonite then We really don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

Depends on which SSK shows up.The SSK of game 1 or the SSK of the past 3 games.We'll see if Durant and crew can get this turned around.