huge game this saturday

its gonna be a gooder this saturday in calgary! will be interesting to see which team is able to take advantage of the momentum that both teams received this week! hope to see some of you bomber fans there :thup:

I hope the Bombers show up, they haven't for the past 10 years it seems.

Calgary offense has their confidence back, hope WPG defense is ready ? Winning this game would be great, but a strong effort is almost as important ! We lose a close one, that's fine. CGY plays well at home and we are in tough ! If WPG gets hammered , it's back to square one again, which would be a huge blow to a team that looks like they're going in the right direction !

I expect this to be the game of the week. Calgary has a tendency to slip after a strong performance. this is a very winnable game for Winnipeg, but it’ll be a dogfight.

Calgary had 10 days to prepare for the game against the Riders and still only played well for a half. I think if we play well for 60 minutes we can beat them.

your right blue blood but if we play as well as we did against the riders who were the best team in the league to that point, i still think we will come out on top. edmonton didnt even play against you guys so dont be too cocky :wink: either way im very excited for the game and hope some of you make it to calgary to see it! looked like the riders went into cowtown half asleep last sat. ... If we do the same, we'll come away empty...I think it's time we won there and break this bad run...We need to give it a 110 percent and come away with a win...Maybe then we'll start seeing some well deserved respect.. :wink:

If Rambo is back, that makes things even more of a challenge ? It seems CGY and WPG decide before the year not to show up in each others stadiums ! Cgy last win in Wpg was in 05 and Wpg last win in Cgy was 01 I believe .

Pressuring Burris is huge for you guys.He's not the scrambler he used to be and he's horribly inacccurate when he forced to think fast.Do what you did to Ray in the first quarter last week and it won't matter if they have Rambo or not.Henry Burris is the new Michael Bishop.

I expect that this game will be won or lost in the trenches. Specifically when Calgary has the ball.

Their offensive line is open to question, given the personnel losses from last season. Winnipeg's D-line looked absolutely dominant in game #1 and game #4. In games 2 and 3, not so much.

I still think Winnipeg's D-line could be the best or at least one of the best in the CFL this season. . . if they prove me right on Saturday, I think you're coming out of Calgary with a win.

burris is not the new micheal bishop, he showed is running capabilites last week and that second half of the game he played... if he plays just one half like that again there will be no game. besides the person you should be worried about is joffrey, and than there is our defense who is proving to be one of the best if not THE best defense in the league. but if you want to compare qbs... i would take burris anyday over jyles, he played a risky game against a brutal edmonton team and got away with it...if he plays like that against calgary they will make him pay... rolling out and throwing back inside the field will only work against teams like edmonton.

Burris is not even close to Bishop, go watch the 08 grey Cup again ! That was the same year Bishop threw 5 pics vs BC in a home play off game with the Riders ! Bishop just isn’t all that smart ! Burris at times throws the ball where it shouldn’t go! Any QB isn’t all that accurate when being chased ! Bishop could have 10 secs to throw a ball and it was still a scary situation ! Burris has been plagued by tons of drops ! Namely Bryant, until last game ! He also lost the services of Rambo,maybe the best receiver in the league for a year, which would hurt any offence .Look what happened last game when his receivers caught the ball. Before Burris got to CGY the Stamps were a disaster, he has made them contenders every year.

Not if you only play half a game. The team that is the most consistent for 60 minutes will be the one who comes out on top.

I don't think Rambo will have that huge of an effect on things. If he plays, it will be his first game in a year and I really doubt he'll be in any type of game shape. He'll get spot duty at best IMO but we'll still have to cover him well when he is on the field.

'08 was '08, this is 2010.His TD-INT ratio is brutal and he's forcing it deep when he doesn't have to and in the SSK game drastically overthrowing Bryant on a few occasions.All the qualities that Mike Bishop possesses, thus I called him Bishop.
He's not as sharp as he used to be and I believe if the Bombers pressure him, he's toast.
I still predict a Winnipeg win.

It's 4 games in to the season and he just lit up the Roughriders in the 2nd half ! Every QB goes through up's and downs ! Bishop was always inconsistent ! Burris has had a winning record every season in the CFL ! I think it will be a close game and WPG should excpect a healthy dose of Reynolds ! He really wore out the Riders last week !

.....I agree blueblood.......Rambos timing on routes and hooking up with Burris is going to take some time....He's been out of 'game conditions' for quite awhile....

...I think our passing game ,with a few wrinkles thrown in, will keep their d off-balance....We should be able to take advantage of a ' suspect' Cal. o line defensively as well...IF we can put the kind of pressure on Burris, like we did to Ray ,it could result in Henry tossing the ball up and we could pic off a few...In any event it's time to play a decent game in cowtown...our record of wins at McMahon is a little unsettling...I was hoping Logan would be back for this one but it seems he's going to be out for awhile yet....We need all the bodies we can get ...Stamps, under the Huffer, are always tough,,,I hope Lapo has some nice schemes cooked up for them..Should be a good one.. :thup:

Some posters at EP who were at practice today said Logan and Suber were both taking regular reps on defence today.

....Logans return is VERY good news....I hope it's true...Little Subers returning won't hurt either :thup:

your ignoring the fact that if jyles plays like he did against edmonton i can see a lot of takeaways by the calgary D i agree with you tho i would love to see a whole game played like that last half by the stamps! :smiley:

14 of 22 for 250 yards.. 65 rushing or so. 2 ints, 1 brutal, 1 on a pretty nice play by thompson to stay in bounds.

dont know what u are trying to say there exactly.

id be more concerned if i was a stamps fan.. bad hank likes to show up after good hank. good hank was last week, his first real decent game of the year really.

i hope the bombers win and even when we do win, we still wont get any respect from tsn or the so called 'experts".

last week it was the eskimos lost that game themselves, nothing about winnipeg DOMINATING THEM from start to finish really outside of 5 mins in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. NOPE, no respect from anyone for the bombers... i hope the bombers use this as motivation and kick the crap out of these teams who people think are just so great.

if u cant beat us with our back up playing...