Huge Departures

As reported by, the Argos have lost cb Byron Parker & receiver PK Sam to the NFL. It was rumoured that Parker was heading to Philly which explains why Jordan Younger was brought back. The loss of Sam to Buffalo (T.O. Bills) will be a huge loss to the Argo offence if he manages to stick this time around.

Big time losses, Parker particularly. Next to Dorsey, I think Parker was the best player the Argos had last season.

Couple the player losses with a coaching staff almost bereft of CFL experience, and this might be a long season down at Skydome..............

And there was much rejoicing in Hamilton after this news.

I think Jordan Younger can bounce back from an off year to adequately replace Parker..but I really think Sam could have been a big star in the CFL. Perhaps the Argos can replace him with someone from..oh..say...NFL Europe????

Wow losing Byron Parker sucks for you guys.