For those of you who keep saying the CFL should not go up against that other league that plays on Sunday because they have the inherent "right" to that day.
Again, those of you are wrong.
The numbers are in and TSN has the highest CFL number for the weekend and their highest of the year.
I have done the top 10 with comments.

1.CFL, Sunday Win-Mon TSN @264,000, but the RDS numbers in Quebec average 260,000= MASSIVE 524,000
2.CFL, Sunday BC-Sask TSN @517,000 great # for an equally great game, its highest vewership. Overall over 1 Million watched CFL on Sunday and smoked any and all competition
3.CFL, Friday Ham-Edm TSN @408,000 well above season average of 329,000 and wins Friday night
4.Golf, Saturday Ryder Cup TSN @331,000
5.NFL, Sunday Den-NE TSN @320,000
6.CFL, Saturday Tor-Cal CBC @307,000 dull game probably turned off some below season average 390,000
7.Baseball, Bos-Tor Sunday Sportsnet @263,000 out of contention out of mind
8.Baseball, Bos-Tor Friday Sportsnet @262,000
9.Golf, Sunday Ryder Cup TSN @204,000
10. Baseball, Bos-Tor Saturday Sportsnet @201,000

CFL rules! NFL blows!

The numbers keep saying that the CFL is very important to Canadian sports viewers, but why hasn't the media begun to give it top billing then?

I just don't understand why the sports media in this country thinks it's ok for CFL football to be considered second best when it comes to the highlight reels etc.

Maybe the they should WAKE UP and realize what people really want to see!

I have an idea, becase the media is infulence by pro american intrerest, and wants to create pro american papagranda to get more people to jump on the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc bangwagon, paticully the younger generation (which the CFL should frocus on targeting).

they seem to be ignoring the frist rule of the media, which is "GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT"!!!

Looks like the Lions vs Riders game drew at least 3 times the viewers of the competing NFL game at 1:00 pm Sunday. Given a choice head-to-head, most real football fans would choose the CFL over the NFL. Gamblers and Fantasy poolers would probably like the NFL best.

The Slam Sports poll last week had the CFL at 81% and the NFL at 19% choosing which football league fans like best.

I watched a mix of the NFL games and CFL games, and found the CFL games generally more entertaining this weekend. But I still find it hard to believe that less than 200k people watched the 1pm NFL game.