Huge CFL FAN- Brock Ralph Must Be Cut

Hello this is my first post, I am a big CFL Fan and watch all of the games in the league. I have seen the problems with Winnipeg and can offer my advice regarding the Winnipeg team.

Offensively the Bombers certainly have some issues scoring points despite having a very good running back. The Bombers receivers are not playing well but out of all of them Brock Ralph has to be one of the poorer receivers in this league. He can run fast in a straight line and that is it. He will drop the ball more than often or fumble it also if hit hard. Last game was as easy as a touchdown on the deep corner, the ball went right through his hands. He fumbled the game before. He never gets open on the DIG route.
When he was on Edmonton they had him run straight down the field and he rarely ran inside.

Romby Bryant looks disinterested and looks like his mind is on non football related things IMO.

Mike Kelly has the Heart, but he needs to COACH and that's it, he needs a TEAM like Trestman has, there is no way he can do it all, he is a little OLD schooled and his schemes may be a little old in terms of what works now.
I think Kelly can be a good coach but he needs the offensive assistants, and he needs a better QB and some receivers that can catch and get open.

The first change should be cutting Brock Ralph, he is absolutely not cutting it, next should be Bryant, but I would give him a shot because he did it last year and has the ability, but he looks like he is jogging out there no separation-

Bombers are lucky to have his kid Johnathan HEFFNEY- IMO he is one of the best defensive halfbacks I have seen in this league as a rookie. He is always in position, blocks down tons of passes, makes interceptions. He was not fooled by Copelands moves and corner routes, he is going to be IMO the leagues best halfback soon.

I dont know why Craver is starting, isnt James Johnson a corner, why is he not starting instead of CRAVER?

The Winnipeg offensive line is in trouble if for any reason they took guys from Toronto? Toronto had the worst O line last year and I recognize some names from Toronto like january, the Toronto O lineman were slow and not athletic at all.

Bishop is not your solution. He has peaked, they were better off to go with Randall or even lefors, because they will both improve, Bishop will not win any road games and seems to really struggle at HOME. Once he throws one INT at home he crumbles and will turn it over 4 to 5 times a game at Home. Bishop has the arm but no football BRAIN.

Winnipeg scouting should be looking for a QB, a diamond in the rough, BC is able to bring is so many good young QB's LULAY, Pierce, Zac Champion. Maybe the Bombers should trade for Zac Champion?

Good Qb's are in the USA, Bombers have to go to smaller schools and look for them. Ricky RAY was from Sacramento State, so many good QB's are from Montana and small schools.

To correct these issues the team has to start building a legitimate CFL coaching staff with guys who know what they are doing-
Then look at smaller schools for Qb's that could be starters in this leaugue who are MOBILE and can run like BC does every year.
Kelly has to lose the attitude and lighten up and start using troubled players who are good and stop cutting every good player or prospect you guys have, of course players have problems, they are football players.
Somehow they have to find a way to NOT TURN the ball OVER- If the Bombers dont turn the ball over they will win games trust me.
They allowed 39 to MTL-- They fumbled 3 times deep in their end, Bishop threw 3 int's and they didnt move the ball, this Defense did amazing to only allow 39 points.

If you dont have an offense, then dont turn the ball over and punt and rely on your defense. You at least have a shot down 10 points in the 4th qtr instead of being down 30 points in the 4th qtr due to all the turnovers--

Good luck bomber Fans-

Sure, let’s cut Ralph and Bryant. Because that Bomber receiving corps is so deep and talented with Stegall retiring, Armstrong getting the boot, and Franklin injured.

Bryant gets 1-2 (badly thrown) passes per game. Who on earth would be productive in that situation?

Ralph is a mediocre NI receiver but his presence or absence is not going to affect the offense that much one way or another.

The schemes are wrong, the QB is an inconsistent arm-punter who’s only played 3 games in Kelly’s ‘system’ (and I use the term loosely), and the head coach refuses to admit that maybe, just maybe, he isn’t the offensive mastermind he thought he was.

....Bryant is probably on the block...he does seem disinterested in the team ...He tangled with Kelly at t.c. ....should give you a clue

....Brock is an ni...only reason he's still on the soon as Franklyn is back....i believe it will be adios Ralph.... :wink:

true they will both prob be gone at some point. but i agree with d and p the schemes arent working for this team right now... they may be well designed (says kelly) but either way it doesnt matter, its clear its not gonna work for us. he needs to suck it up and change the way they run the offense... if he cant do that i dont think it will matter what recievers we have out there because the ball wont be getting to them..

Ralph has always had “aligator arms”, and as others have stated in this thread, it seems that speed is one of his only talents. I will say however that he does look pretty useful getting the handoff out of the jet offensive package that you guys run sometimes.

Ralph may have a big Friday night perhaps!

I doubt it....he's chicken. The only time Ralph goes across the middle is at halftime to get back into the locker room. His ONLY qualification is that he happens to be Canadian.

Ralph actually made some good catches and showed good speed on the end arounds- He looked very fast and fluid on the end arounds with good speed--

At 6 foot 3 he should get open way more with his speed--

He did make some nice key catches today though--

He has the speed, and he should be a lot better than what he is doing- I think Ralph is a a player that is only good if he is involved in the game- It seems when they dont throw to him, he drops the passes, but when a lot of passes are thrown to him he seems to play better and catch the ball-

His first catch last night in BC, early in the game was across the middle