Hufnagel's announcement?

I wonder if we could see the return of Cortez to the stampeders. He has a grey cup with them in 08 under huff. Knows dd. perhaps as "special assistant to the qb coach" or soemthing like that then promoted back to OC in 2016. But a person also wonders how long mark Killam wants to stay ST coach

Calgary is doing it right IMO. Laying out the plan for the future is a smart move. If the players like Dave Dickinson it gives them more incentive to sign longer term deals, and takes away any distractions from next season.

…best thing this org did in recent history was bring in Hufnagel and shift majority ownership to the Flames…since those two things happened the club became more professional in all areas and the wins began to increase…

…really looking forward to the next few years of horsie football…

Yeh, but you do realize that every horsie has a Rider that ultimately controls the horsies destiny don't you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

...I see what you did there

there is a few horsies in the rodeos that would disagree with you :slight_smile: