Hufnagel's announcement?

They said on the Calgary post game show that Huff was going to make an announcement of some kind tomorrow. Perhaps he is stepping aside and just doing the GM job, leaving the coaching position to DD?

That's what I heard as well. Last night at Spirit of Edmonton, lots of Calgary fans and they were talking about that.

thats been the talk for a month

I would like to see Huff make a run at all time wins for an HC

Makes sense:
He needs 165 more wins.
He's 63 now.

What's the math look like on your wish FYB?

It's possible if he coaches every CFL team at the same time.

In the post game interview, he mentioned that he will make an announcement within a couple days regarding the stampeders, but he will still be coaching.
Does this mean he will be coaching elsewhere, but not Calgary, like the NFL?
Perhaps I misheard him?

Drummer: I was under the impression was that he will concentrate on GM duties in Calgary and DD will assume coaching. There was a rumor tho he may be headed to BC.

I must say though what a classy guy he seems to be. His interviews are relaxed, funny and smart. He exudes a seriousness on the sidelines that kinda looks frightening in a way. But seeing him this week he is just head and shoulders above everyone out there. I guess those in Calgary have always seen this. Just a real genuine guy who of course knows his stuff.

I'll miss him if he goes. Never paid enough attention to him before other than his football smarts.

I don't know. I was wondering about his age. How old were wally and don when they last coached??

He's 165 wins behind Buono.
Buono had 254. Huf has 89
Huf is 63 now.
Buono quit when he was 61.
Mathews had 231
Last win was when he was 67 or so.

So Huf would need about 12 wins a year for 14 more years and be about 77 years old to pass Buono.

Now DD not being interested in the BC job would make sense.

Dave is highly unlikely to leave Calgary, even if that were to mean being out of the CFL. He will either be the Stamps HC or remain OC.

I think DD will end up being one of the best head coaches the CFL has seen in a long time.

You might be right there Earl. He was one of the most cerebral QB's in CFL history, and his experience as a coordinator will only help him as a future head coach

...Pfft...That all?... :lol:

CFL News ?@CFL_News 14m14 minutes ago

John Hufnagel says he will coach in 2015 and Dave Dickenson will take over in 2016. #CFL #Calstampeders via @RitaMingo

Jermain Franklin ?@TSNJFranklin 15m15 minutes ago Calgary, Alberta

"I'm not leaving" Dickenson when asked if Buono comes calling frog BC. Dickenson expected to take over the sidelines in 2016 #Stamps

He's established in Calgary, has the best young QB in the league and stable ownership. No way he was going to leave that for a team that is for sale, has no QB and a GM in the twilight of his run who is more of a coach than a GM.

I think it is wise to wait one more season.

It didn’t matter if BC was perfect for him and he was not entirely happy with the Stamps, he is not displacing his family from Calgary any time soon.

Yes I heard that interview as well.