Man, from the outside looking in does he ever seem like an arrogant, sour and humourless guy.
Constantly in faces, and with a few seconds left seemed to get into it with Dickenson who looked like he blew him off.
Just my imagination here? or is he trying to be a Bill Parcells without the heart?

The guy took over a undisciplined team, where the inmates ran the aslyum.He took that team, which Higgins had no control over and won the Grey Cup on the road in MTL in 08 ! Just took apart the hottest team in the CFL and your worried he hurt somebody's feelings ?

nope… not worried if he’s hurt someones feelings. just asking if he is as arrogant, sour and humourless as he looks?
but thanks for the effort at a reply. my wrists are slapped.

ive personally spoken to the guy and he is not arrogant, nor humorless. he prepares for the game like the players he coaches, as well as the player he was. for that 3 hours a week, the only thing that matters is winning that football game. i would much rather have someone like huff running the team than someone who doesnt give a shit or is busy worrying about whos happy or not.

that is part of the reason ritche hall is not being successful... too much nice guy stuff. cant do that as a head coach. In Calgary, the huffer even intimidates the radio guys... he gets on thier case if they are two minutes late for a scrum or an interview. the huffer should have a key to the city... can you do that with an american... some rumors floating around the huffer might buy into the ownership at some point.